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Area 51 – The Center of UFOs and Conspiracy Theories


Area 51 has long been at the heart of alien fan theories and UFO hunting enthusiasts’ beliefs that alien spacecraft exist somewhere within its vast desert acreage, where the government stores and studies alien craft. Many believe there to be a secret base hidden there where such activities take place.

However, this story is much more captivating: Paradise Ranch was home to many US Air Force spy planes being developed at Paradise Ranch, including the U-2 spyplane as well as Lockheed A-12s and SR-71 Blackbirds being worked on there.

What is Area 51?

Dusty roads lead to America’s most secretive military base, marked by an intimidating chain-link fence, boom gate and signs warning against trespass. Cameras constantly watch every desert tortoise or jackrabbit that wanders by behind these walls. According to locals, US Air Force officers know each car, bus or pickup truck that drives down this stretch of road.

Nevada Test Site was long thought of as off limits to civilian and regular military air traffic before its existence was acknowledged by the government in 2013. Since then, however, its secretiveness has only deepened suspicion, speculation, and conspiracy theories; such as that involving crashed alien spacecraft as well as secret government programs designed to conduct experiments on extraterrestrial life forms.

One enduring theory holds that the government has an ongoing project to reverse engineer alien spacecraft at Groom Lake facility, home of prototype drones as well. According to this theory, using alien technologies the government may use this knowledge for more advanced aircraft of its own design.

Testing new and secretive military aircraft is at the core of Area 51’s work. While initially created to test U-2 spy planes, this base later served as an important testing ground for other well-known planes like Lockheed A-12s, SR-71 Blackbirds and F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighters.

Operation Plumbbob was conducted from summer 1957 through fall 1958 above ground at Nevada Testing and Training Range near Area 51, just adjacent. One explosion was the largest at any altitude ever witnessed by American citizens at any altitude in any US state; security officer Richard Mingus stood near this explosion and nearly succumbed to flying debris burns; although he survived, he never told his tale to anyone outside government agencies.

KLAS, the local CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, broadcast an interview with Bob Lazar in 1995 that reignited public curiosity regarding Area 51. Lazar claimed he worked as part of Sector 4 at Area 51 while trying to back-engineer an alien spacecraft which had come down.

Why is Area 51 so secret?

Area 51 has become the center of widespread speculation regarding conspiracy theories and UFO sightings. It’s easy to see why; as an active military base with some of the tightest security in existence and decades-long secret work history.

Groom Lake began in 1954, when President Dwight Eisenhower directed the Air Force to find a remote desert location suitable for testing new high-altitude spy planes. What they found instead was an exciting mixture of engineers, scientists, and spies who soon developed into one large collective at Groom Lake: where engineers, scientists, and spies came together to develop the U-2. But Groom Lake has served as more than that: it has also served as home for other top-secret aircraft and missile programs developed over time.

Popular Science’s feature “Searching for the Secrets of Groom Lake” describes efforts by Groom Lake officials to keep its secrets safe, which include tests using OXCART and A-12 supersonic spy planes, radar tests, hangars with top-secret military vehicles as well as its lack of transparency – efforts which may fuel more speculation than facts.

Robert Lazar alleged in 1989 that he worked on alien technology at Area 51 and saw medical photographs of aliens there, along with being used by the government to study UFOs. Although later disproven, Lazar’s claims led to several conspiracy theories about Area 51.

Charles Berlitz and William Moore’s book published in 1980 also fed into Cold War paranoia by alleging that the 1947 Roswell alien crash was actually part of an official government project to develop flying saucers. Although their book did not specifically refer to Area 51, rumors quickly spread of an extensive secret alien research facility somewhere in Nevada desert.

Early on in the aughts, the Internet further spread rumors surrounding Area 51. Inspired by Joe Rogan podcasts, Matty Roberts of Bakersfield, California created an online event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us.” Initially he only expected several dozen RSVPs; within days over 2 million registered as participants – which eventually resulted in its closure by the Air Force after warning people not to trespass on its base.

What is Area 51 used for?

The US Air Force facility at Area 51 has long been associated with alien conspiracy theories and government cover-ups, resulting in books, TV shows and online raids against it. But regardless of its reputation and warning signs for trespassers, the military doesn’t want anyone coming near it, either physically or virtually.

Following World War II, this area served as a testing ground for the U-2 spy plane. When Soviet Russia lifted the Iron Curtain and allowed more access to intelligence about what Kremlin leaders were up to quickly became increasingly important. The aircraft could travel three times faster than sound without ever being stopped by missiles or radar.

But Area 51’s true purpose wasn’t to build spy planes – it was to develop new nuclear weapons and other advanced weapon systems. Formerly known as Homey Airport, Groom Lake now stands as its name reflects. There are no roads leading into Groom Lake itself, meaning security personnel monitor it 24-hours-a-day while employees of this facility commute by charter flight from Las Vegas.

Since its opening, rumors have swirled that this base was used for covert experiments with alien technology and even for developing extraterrestrial spacecraft. These claims gained steam as the Cold War intensified and tensions between the United States and Soviet Russia reached critical points.

One notable instance of alien-related activity at the area occurred in 1989 when Robert Lazar made claims he worked on alien technology at the base. These claims could not be verified and were disproved by numerous experts; nevertheless, the rumors continued.

In 2019, a 21-year-old college student hosted a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” with over 2 million people signing up to attend it. However, due to Air Force restrictions against entering its facility without proper clearance and permission trespassing would result in arrest and could potentially even result in dire consequences.

What is Area 51 used for now?

No official information exists regarding what happens at Area 51; its significance remains a source of much debate and speculation. Some Ufologists speculate that government agents use Area 51 to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft; others claim they house dead alien bodies; still others claim evidence of alien presence is being concealed from us by our government. Due to these theories and speculation surrounding it, Area 51 has become a staple of popular culture, appearing everywhere from Alien movies to Star Trek episodes.

No matter what is taking place within, the United States government clearly takes security at this site seriously. It is protected by military airspace and kept away from by warning signs and electronic surveillance. Anyone entering through air would require extensive security clearance before being permitted inside – anyone attempting to storm it faces arrest and heavy fines.

Information regarding Area 51 has come from Freedom of Information Act requests and classified documents since 1955, when the CIA began using it for testing high-altitude aircraft like the U-2 and OXCART; eventually A-12 supersonic reconnaissance plane testing also took place there; plus it also served as a radar testing site.

Unknown to most, however, what kind of research is conducted now at this facility; however it’s likely the CIA and other intelligence agencies use it for intelligence gathering. Over the years the area has also been used for testing various types of aircraft including drones; additionally it’s home to some of the most cutting-edge technology ever created by intelligence agencies like CIA or DARPA.

Ufologists and conspiracy theorists alike find this enough to keep up their legend of alien visitations at Nevada site, however it’s important to remember that it’s just one among numerous military bases, national laboratories, government scientific research centers that deal with classified (and sometimes Top Secret) information – no need to think that the government is conducting experiments involving life from other planets at this location!

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