August 28

How to Contact UFO Investigators


Posted by Gonzo on August 28, 2023 3:32 AM

Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, are objects in the air which an onlooker cannot immediately identify. UFOs became an object of public discussion after World War II due to advances in rocket technology that may have contributed to their increase in visibility.

Many people believe UFOs to be spaceships from other planets, with some even alleging abduction by aliens – yet there is no physical evidence supporting these claims; fuzzy videos or personal narratives simply are not sufficient proof.


When your house is on fire or being overrun by psychotic raccoons, don’t hesitate – pick up the phone and contact fire or animal control immediately. This protocol has long been established as essential in our society’s quest to remain relatively fire and raccoon-free.

But if you are experiencing something strange or are uncertain how to proceed, that is where the National UFO Reporting Center comes in.

UFORC offers both a 24-hour hotline and online form to report experiences, with Davenport receiving 40-50 calls per day from around the globe, many related to UAP activity. He’s even had the pleasure of speaking with famous Navy pilots such as one who first observed Tic Tac-shaped UAP during flight.

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As calls in Congress for increased UFO research and government disclosure of UFO incidents increase, Declassify UAP is seeking to engage grassroots activism through grassroots lobbying efforts like Nick Gold’s lobbying effort, registered last week by media and tech consultant Nick Gold. Their lobbying effort connects people with resources on Capitol Hill while also serving as a voter engagement platform to deliver letters directly to legislators.

Gold’s aim is to form an army of “informed UFO-interested citizens” to provide political cover for lawmakers pursuing UFO issues in Congress, and legitimize UFO related discussions among future generations.


Some individuals have reported receiving communications from aliens that warn of climate destruction; other accounts suggest the messages simply warn about pollution or other human activities. Last July, an online video claimed excerpts of alien communication were read at a congressional hearing – when in reality the footage used to make this claim had actually been shot 10 years earlier during a Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure without paying members of Congress being present to witness it!

Though encounters with UAPs aren’t common, many have reported encountering mysterious lights or phenomena while out and about on their own. Some, like Navy pilot Ryan Graves, have even come forward with their experiences regarding UAP.

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