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How to Spot a UFO


Posted by Gonzo on August 26, 2023 2:15 PM

An unexplained object in the sky may seem to indicate alien interference, but it may also be something far less sinister. Venus can appear similar to a saucer-shaped object while reflections from eyeglasses or car windows could create superimposed views and complex optical systems such as camera lenses can give off points of light which create the appearance of saucer-shaped phenomena.


UFO sightings are common around the world, from lights zipping across the sky in seemingly impossible maneuvers to saucer-shaped objects gliding silently overhead – and Travel Lens suggests California as being your best chance for seeing one – it has seen 15,457 sightings over 24 years, far outpacing Florida in that regard.

Although Washington has begun taking UFO sightings more seriously and military pilots have discussed them publicly, experts assert there remains too much stigma attached to reporting UFOs – leading to vital data on unidentified flying objects being missed out altogether.

Recently, several NBC 5 viewers submitted pictures of white lights seen flying over Brainerd Lakes Sunday evening. Though these lights might fit the definition of a UFO — an unidentified flying object — they could also be low-flying satellites being launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX for their Starlink internet service.

These satellites orbit Earth approximately 60 times closer than commercial planes and move at roughly 17,000 mph across the sky, prompting many people to see them as something similar to UFOs.


UFO sightings often cause alarm. A UFO can produce loud, disconcerting noises such as a sonic boom or high-pitched whine when moving through the air, emitting bright lights or flashes and shifting directions quickly and unexpectedly. Even people who consider themselves immune can be taken by surprise by such encounters.

Unidentified flying objects seem to be getting our collective attention these days, with reports like last year’s Pentagon report on UFOs being generated using radar and other advanced military sensors. According to this analysis, out of 144 reported instances of unexplained aerial phenomena since 2004, most likely consisting of physical objects but without being definitive about what or where they came from.

Report prepared by All-Domain Anomaly Resolution office to examine UAP incidents and investigate them, although their conclusions were inconclusive; nonetheless they noted UAPs being observed at nuclear weapon sites making strange sounds that cannot be explained away.

Although some may still believe these strange events to be government cover-ups, it’s evident that the US military is taking these reports more seriously. One of the COVID relief bills passed by Congress this year contained a provision requiring DNI to submit an unclassified report on UAPs by June 2020.


People often mistake objects they see flying through the sky for UFOs; however, many of these reports come from earthbound sources rather than outer space. Weather balloons, drones or aircraft may appear similar; others could even be planets like Venus or even clouds reflecting Moon reflected onto Venus; even stars and the Milky Way might be mistakenly taken as UFOs by those unfamiliar with them.

Recent years have seen officials taking these sightings seriously. Last year, a Pentagon report detailed that since 2004 some 143 aerial phenomena that still cannot be explained had been observed by military members and were still unexplained – this suggestion implied they might come from secret military or government projects although no concrete proof was offered nor could any specific nations be held liable.

NASA recently established a panel to gather more accurate information on UAPs (or “unidentified aerial phenomena”, UAP for short). While not an intelligence agency per se, this group does have access to classified material. Panel members contend that reporting these objects contributes to an inadequate body of evidence – this often discourages eyewitnesses as well as commercial pilots fearful of professional repercussions or eyewitnesses who don’t want their names publicised – thus hindering data collection efforts. They wish to remove this stigma and encourage more witnesses by collecting more data.


No matter the best efforts of science fiction fans, screen writers, and conspiracy theorists to discover alien life, no definitive proof has emerged to support this theory yet. That doesn’t mean we should give up completely though; that simply means more research should be conducted into this possibility.

Government interest in UFOs (also called unidentified aerial phenomena) has increased and changed how it records sightings. To disassociate it from alien spacecraft, now referring to anything moving in air or water with this phrase as well.

This move aims to promote greater scientific exploration of these objects, which often appear as strange atmospheric phenomenon or technical glitches on camera equipment. Furthermore, UAPs tend to be temporary phenomena and cannot always be reliably captured on film.

However, the Pentagon recently updated its guidelines for pilots reporting suspicious aircraft flying near military bases or coastlines. This move comes amid growing reports of unknown aircraft entering designated airspace without authorization and sometimes matching up in shape and color to previously sighted UFOs.

NASA’s 16-member panel has not been successful in linking these objects with extraterrestrial life; fuzzy videos and personal accounts don’t stand up to the scrutiny of experts who study this phenomenon.

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