September 12

NASA Studying UFOs Behind the Moon


NASA recently began an in-depth examination of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), commonly associated with alien visitations and government conspiracy theories. Their goal is to collect any available data scientists may need in order to gain more insight into these mysterious objects.

Buzz Aldrin, one of two moonwalkers to walk on its surface, took part in an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit on July 8. His responses generated speculation that he may have encountered UFOs during Apollo 11 mission.

UFOs on the Moon

Social media video that has gone viral depicts two white objects flying near the moon, seen over five million times and believed by viewers as possible alien spacecraft or something else entirely. This clip was uploaded by a TikTok user who listed themselves as computer graphics artist on their profile page.

Past astronauts have reported encountering mysterious objects while on missions. One such instance is when Buzz Aldrin witnessed something on Apollo 11 which became legendary and conspiracy theorists speculated it may have been an alien spaceship.

But a team of scientists have now studied the footage and concluded that what was filmed wasn’t an UFO. To stabilize images and remove movement, the team conducted digital scans on original film to stabilize images before combining multiple frames in sequence to look for any signs of parallax caused by movement relative to the moon – ultimately concluding that what they spotted was likely just an ordinary fishing boat on Earth and not an alien spacecraft.

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell stands out by making claims of witnessing UFOs during missions; most are dubious but he maintains that aliens have visited Earth, and that government agencies are concealing evidence to this effect. Mitchell had worked closely with science fiction writer Carl Sagan who may seem surprised that he believes such ideas.

Other astronauts have encountered objects that don’t qualify as UFOs. Apollo 16 astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke captured four seconds of footage showing an object which appeared similar to an alien spacecraft before it quickly dissipated with camera pan. After being scrutinized closely by some very knowledgeable people, these experts determined it likely is just natural phenomenon rather than alien technology.

UFOs on the Far Side of the Moon

Some conspiracy theorists contend that the moon hosts an unseen side inhabited by aliens. According to this theory, Apollo astronauts encountered alien spacecraft on their missions during Apollo 17 and NASA has kept this information under wraps since 1970s. According to this theory, aliens use this far side as their main base from which to control Earth, with structures like watermarks, pyramids, castles, domes allegedly housing Alien technology or energy stores on it.

Apollo astronauts have reported seeing mysterious objects on the far side of the moon that appear larger and more menacing than anything they saw here on Earth. Neil Armstrong even admitted he and Buzz Aldrin have seen UFOs on the moon; Neil noted how alien ships were superior both technologically and dimensionally to ours – hence why their presence was so frightening.

Since the Moon rotates on its axis and only presents one side to Earth at any one time, people find it more difficult to observe its mysterious objects. Recently however, thanks to satellites like Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, quality lunar images have improved considerably, enabling scientists to investigate more closely its far side.

Chinese rover Yutu 2 recently captured an image of what it calls a “mysterious hut” on the far side of the moon, near Von Karman crater. Researchers who control Yutu 2 shared it on social media. The image depicts an object appearing dark on this far side region near Von Karman crater that researchers are currently analyzing with hopes to gain more information about this mysterious object.

It will likely take the rover several days to move within range to send us images of a cube-shaped structure on the far side of the moon, providing detailed views that may please conspiracy theorists hoping to find evidence of an alien base there; however, such evidence may simply be rocks or fragments from an impact crater.

UFOs on the Surface of the Moon

UFOs (or, as the Pentagon prefers, “unidentified anomalous phenomena”) have long held our fascination, captivating generations across generations. While many believe these strange objects to be caused by aliens, this claim has proven difficult to verify. Still, millions remain fascinated by UFOs today and we’re closer than ever before to discovering extraterrestrial life forms.

UFO believers often make the bold claim that there are alien bases on the moon, fuelled by TikTok users allegedly creating and sharing short videos about UFO sightings on this platform. A recent video appeared which appeared to depict an UFO landing on its surface; its creator named themselves Streetcap 1. Since then they have also posted other stunning clips.

While some experts have raised doubts about the veracity of this video, others claim that it is genuine. Furthermore, the user who uploaded it has previously posted videos showing UFOs they filmed themselves; these haven’t been verified either but still received thousands of likes across social media platforms.

Scientists have also investigated claims by those claiming they’ve seen UFOs on the moon. One such researcher is astrophysicist and author Arlin Crotts, who conducted an independent investigation of this phenomenon and created a website where government and military personnel can report sightings of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UFOs).

Crotts has discovered that certain regions of the Moon are particularly prone to these transients, often near Aristarchus, Plato, Grimaldi, Kepler Copernicus and Tycho craters which contain volcanic activity which creates gas accumulation that eventually bursts in an explosion of dust particles – perhaps providing an explanation for any sightings of UFOs on its surface.

People have often reported seeing lights appear briefly before dissipating after several minutes; these reports, known as transients, became widespread during the 1950s and 60s as amateur astronomers published spurious reports of lunar lights.

UFOs in Space

UFOs (unidentified aerial phenomena) have captured America’s imagination since their first public appearance 76 years ago, giving rise to conspiracy theories, alien visits, and inspiring sci-fi movies galore. Members of Congress are leading a bipartisan effort to collect and declassify government documents about UAPs; NASA also initiated a modest investigation in 2013, broadcasting meetings of their 16-member panel (including retired astronaut Scott Kelly as well as scientists) with hopes that transparency can combat long-held beliefs that the government is hiding information regarding visitors from beyond.

The team’s aim is to gather data that’s both objective and accurate on UAPs. They hope to identify anomalies within satellite Earth observation data sets, as well as use specific instruments on certain spacecraft to hunt for potential UAPs. Scientists on the panel don’t hold out hope of UFO sightings from outer space originating anywhere, though.

As one member stated, it’s difficult to discount the possibility that something unknown may exist.” Although UAP reports typically end up having innocuous explanations, pilots have reported seeing strange spherical or oval-shaped objects that defy conventional aerodynamics without apparent means of propulsion spotted around military bases and coastlines – sparking fears they might be secret Chinese or Russian aircraft.

UAP reports often involve video footage, and there’s been considerable buzz surrounding a viral video released earlier this month showing two apparent white objects flying near the moon. Researchers behind this study argue that these aren’t UFOs; rather, their movements were caused by parallax–caused by camera movement and distance differences–while still interesting; it may not be long until someone claims a UFO has appeared far off from our planet!

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