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What Country Has the Most UFO Sightings?


Posted by Gonzo on August 24, 2023 01:41 AM

People around the globe have become fascinated with aliens and spacecrafts, and Chile is said to be an excellent destination for UFO sightings according to an American traveler.

Recently declassified government reports revealed hundreds of UFO sightings. But which country has experienced the highest incidences?

United States

Every year, many reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) surface worldwide. While some sightings may be hoaxes or misidentifications, others remain unexplained and raise questions about alien life forms and extraterrestrial intelligence. While UFO sightings remain controversial topics worldwide, they continue to fascinate and fascinate.

The United States ranks highly when it comes to alien sightings and sightings of strange aircrafts and objects, with the government even creating a special team to investigate these incidents – though no results of their study have yet been released publicly. UFO sightings have increased steadily throughout its history; as a result, AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) was formed.

According to a recent survey, UFO sightings are more popular in the US now than ever before, which may be attributable to increased media coverage as well as growing interest. Furthermore, stigma associated with UFO incidents has diminished making people more willing to share their experiences publicly.

However, much work remains to be done in understanding the UFO phenomenon. Some believe these objects to be alien spaceships while others believe they are natural phenomena. Enigmatic patterns found in Wiltshire fields have drawn alien enthusiasts while crop circles close to Stonehenge are frequently considered landing pads for extraterrestrial visitors.


Canada has seen several cases of unexplained flying objects over the last year, such as Falcon Lake and Duhamel crop circles. The latter even earned them a commemorative $20 silver glow-in-the-dark coin issued by Royal Canadian Mint.

According to the Office of National Intelligence, over 500 UFO sightings have been added to its catalog in the last year alone, many old and unclassified. Since 2004, when government began tracking reports of unidentified aerial phenomena, this number has significantly grown.

UFO sightings in the US have also increased, although not as dramatically as in other countries. Russia tops the charts when it comes to UFOs sightings followed by Mexico and China.

Though Canada hasn’t gone as far in investigating these sightings as the US, they have taken steps to ensure citizens receive accurate information on these objects. A database allows citizens to submit reports while also creating an online portal where people can see what others have seen. Furthermore, Canadian officials lobbied hard for radar capability so as to investigate any unidentified objects seen flying overhead and potentially lead to greater understanding and any threats to air travel that arise as a result of radar use.


San Clemente in South American country of Peru is famous for its snowcapped Andes Mountains that draw travelers from across the world; now San Clemente mayor wants people to visit specifically to search the skies for aliens. He has launched a UFO tourism zone offering tours to spots where sightings have occurred – with numerous sightings reported here at least weekly! Hundreds of UFO sightings can be found there and may explain its success as an attraction for visitors.

Chile has responded to the UFO phenomenon by creating a government research organization and 19-mile trail dedicated to close encounters, most famously El Enladrillado: an area with 200 perfectly cut volcanic blocks believed to have been laid down by ancient civilizations.

Chilean ufologists may have garnered much media coverage, yet remain a small and often divided community when it comes to supporting evidence for their theories. Some members are even willing to put their reputations on the line by publicly publishing what appeared to be an alien spaceship-looking photograph received from a civil mechanic.

Chile may not offer specific UFO observation observatories, but its clear skies attract astronomers from across the globe and offer ample opportunity for stargazing – as well as breathtaking displays like the Southern Lights which light up Chilean observatories!


This week, it was reported that UFO sightings are on the rise across America. According to Glocalities survey data, Idaho leads the nation with most UFO sightings per capita followed by Vermont and Montana. Washington state ranks fourth with New Mexico Oregon Maine rounding out top ten list. UFOs have even been reported in Argentina where an annual UFO festival honoring reported sightings dates back to 1986!

Some believe UFOs to be alien spacecraft; others see them as meteorites or aircraft misidentified as UFOs. Recently, the government has taken an increasingly proactive role in investigating reports of unidentified aerial phenomena; last year a new office was set up specifically to examine these incidents. Furthermore, Project Blue Book, an organization which collected sightings during the Cold War period has declassified documents.

Although evidence for UFOs remains limited, many still hold firm to the belief they exist. A recent study discovered that 78% of American believe in alien civilizations and 37% claim having seen one themselves. The phenomenon even inspired billionaires such as Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking to launch the Breakthrough Listen program dedicated to observing astronomical objects for signs of life beyond our planet. For those hoping to see one themselves, travel during warmer months when your chances increase and bring along basic tools like binoculars or night vision goggles for increased odds.

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