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Where Are the Most UFO Sightings?


From whispered tales to pressing UFO Update headlines, mysterious flying objects have captivated us. So, Where Are the Most UFO Sightings? The latest research reveals a definitive list: California leads, trailed by Florida, Washington State, Texas, and New York. Are we alone, or is the sky truly teeming with the unknown?


People typically associate UFOs with alien spaceships gliding through the sky. But their history dates back much further – depictions of disk-shaped objects have appeared in ancient art and texts around the world, even while scientists and military officers remain skeptical of unexplained aerial objects.

Idaho exceeds the national average for UFO sightings per 100,000 people at 9.18, boasting one of the highest rates. Idaho has witnessed some stunning UFO encounters throughout history – such as Roswell in 1947 or mysterious lights over Mount Rainier that led to two mountain climbers being arrested – that have resulted in stunning sightings like these.

Coeur d’Alene witnessed its most recent sighting this year when two craft were seen fighting in the sky for five minutes before changing shape and color before finally disappearing altogether. But possibly more mysterious sightings occurred earlier in February, when a logger heard what appeared to be long roaring howls on his property near Tamarack Resort.

Project Blue Book, conducted by the state, investigated seven incidents where civilians and pilots reported bright lights that appeared to either hover in place or move away at high speeds, raising suspicion. After further analysis by government personnel, ball lightning and electrical problems were ultimately determined to be responsible.

New Mexico

New Mexico is well known as one of the first states to garner national attention when one of their ranchers reported finding debris that appeared to be from an alien spaceship in 1947. This incident became widely publicized as being known as Roswell Incident.

New Mexico is known to experience UFO sightings, particularly in smaller towns and rural areas. An example is Dulce on the Jicarilla Indian Reservation where residents claim they’ve seen flying saucers or fast moving lights; Hope also hosts sightings as noted by History Channel show “UFO Hunters”, visiting to interview locals regarding strange phenomena they have experienced there.

According to Stacker, New Mexico has seen over 95,000 UFO reports since 1974; nearly 95% can be readily explained away with weather balloons or military testing as the cause.

Government silence on UFOs has long been notoriously tight-lipped; that may soon change thanks to an amendment included in this year’s $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act requiring the Pentagon to review any documents pertaining to unidentified aerial phenomena (UFOs), also referred to by government. Such an announcement could be groundbreaking news for those investigating what has been happening over New Mexico skies for years now. If military declassifies such records it would shed new light on what’s been taking place overhead.


Texas is no stranger to UFO sightings; in fact, Texas trails only California when it comes to reported UFO encounters. Lubbock has seen more than 50 reported UFO encounters since 1998 alone! Witnesses have described various craft in the sky; most commonly V-shaped formations with bright lights.

Abilene, Amarillo and Canyon in Texas have also reported seeing UFOs. One memorable encounter occurred in 1973 when four employees from radio station KEAN reported witnessing three strange objects south of town: the first being solid white that moved like a pendulum while two other objects flashed red-green-blue flashing lights; these objects then returned back into the sky before disappearing again.

Though Oregonians have experienced many bizarre encounters, many don’t take UFO reports seriously. Even experts such as those on MUFON’s review board – with degrees in physics, geology and chemistry – struggle to convince people of their work; often met with laughter or depicted in media reports as crackpots; this plays into the hands of those seeking to discredit legitimate alien reports – an irony Powell recognizes is getting less frequent over time.


UFO sightings may seem like something out of sci-fi movies or corny movies, but they’re actually pretty commonplace. Recently, this phenomenon even made mainstream when the Pentagon confirmed military personnel have seen unexplained aerial phenomena for decades – with California cities often being more vulnerable than others to UFO sightings due to alien activity.

According to a new book, California leads the country in UFO sightings due to both population size and proximity to UFO hotspots such as Roswell and Sedona. UFO Sightings Desk Reference conducted an analysis on more than 120,000 reports of unexplained flying objects that occurred over 12 months; California had more visual encounters with extraterrestrial life than any other state.

One of the most notable UFO sightings in California took place three months after Pearl Harbor was bombed when witnesses saw a strange object flying in the sky three months after Pearl Harbor had been bombed. They initially thought it was an enemy attack and issued air-raid sirens and blacked out their city to be prepared. Soon thereafter, however, this mysterious object began moving through the sky emitting blue and yellow lights before suddenly appearing nearer mountains before dissipating entirely into another object emitting reddish-orange flashing reddish-orange flashing reddish-orange lights from where it had come.

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