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Where is the Extraterrestrial Highway?


The Extraterrestrial Highway is every road tripper’s dream destination, boasting unique experiences like Little A’Le’Inn and Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark.

Start your adventure in Crystal Springs at E.T. Fresh Jerky and take a photo with the official highway sign!

It starts in Crystal Springs

If you’re in search of an unforgettable road trip, the Extraterrestrial Highway offers plenty of unique experiences. Packed full with quirky attractions sure to please alien fans, the Extraterrestrial Highway makes for a worthwhile and interesting day trip from Las Vegas. To maximize the experience and take full advantage of your visit, join one of the highly-rated tours – these will pick you up at your hotel and provide knowledgeable guides who can share stories surrounding Area 51 as well as explain any associated conspiracies. Plus you may get lucky enough to stay overnight at Little A’le’Inn!

Starting early and filling up on gas will ensure an enjoyable journey through the desert terrain of Nevada’s ET Highway, where gas stations may be scarce and food and water might also be limited. We advise leaving Las Vegas early for this adventure!

Starting out along the Extraterrestrial Highway begins at ET Fresh Jerky in Crystal Springs. To reach it, turn off U.S. 93 and drive down the road that runs parallel with it until you come upon an intersection directly across from ET Fresh Jerky; once there, look out for its sign marking the route as an unforgettable photo opportunity and reminder of why you are on this adventure!

It ends in Tonopah

No matter your belief system, Area 51 and UFO sightings can be fascinating to explore. If you want to experience it firsthand, take a road trip from Las Vegas to Rachel along the Extraterrestrial Highway; its 98-mile route passes through small town Rachel near its top-secret Area 51 military base; there you will also find businesses catering specifically to tourists, geocachers, and alien enthusiasts in Rachel as well as numerous alien-themed businesses and attractions that cater specifically to them.

ET Fresh Jerky, boasting an adorable alien mural and giant sign, provides the ideal spot to stretch your legs, grab some lunch, and take photos along the Extraterrestrial Highway. Next up is Alien Research Center which functions more like a souvenir shop than actual research facility; their giant silver alien statue outside makes for great photo opps while the gift shop has plenty of alien-related merchandise for purchase.

After visiting the research center, you’ll arrive at the Black Mailbox: an unofficial gathering place for alien seekers. Though not the original mailbox, committed believers keep its tradition alive by contributing new letters and gifts every week.

If you’re planning on staying in Tonopah, there are various RV parks and campgrounds nearby that provide camping accommodations. If you want to spend the night in town, book a room at Tonopah Station Hotel, Casino, and RV Park; this hotel features rooms and suites, restaurant/bar services, as well as 20 full hookup sites nearby.

It’s a road trip

If you’re in search of an adventure-filled road trip that will leave you laughing and taking fun pictures, the Extraterrestrial Highway should definitely top your list. Situated along Nevada State Route 375 and featuring plenty of quirky alien-related attractions that promise an entertaining journey, it makes an excellent day trip from Las Vegas. Be sure to allow enough time for stretching your legs along this 98-mile trek before purchasing souvenirs as you go!

Start your adventure at the intersection of U.S. 93 and Extraterrestrial Highway near E.T. Fresh Jerky shop. Take photos in front of the iconic green ET Highway sign for great memories, then head towards Alien Research Center Gift Shop which houses an alien statue outside and has great food options – it makes an exciting stopover on any trip!

From there, continue along SR 375 until reaching Rachel, the tiny town that serves as the unofficial ET Highway headquarters and home of many alien conspiracy theories. Rachel draws many visitors who wish to experience its history first-hand or view its distinctive Extraterrestrial Highway sign. Your journey also passes through Nevada Test and Training Range – home to Area 51!

It’s a conspiracy

Las Vegas, with its bright lights, casinos, mesmerizing Cirque du Soleil shows and incredible prime rib buffets is often associated with gambling and partying – it is not often thought about taking a trip out to Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway as an escape route – yet this road could provide answers about whether aliens really exist! Or it could just be your ticket into truth for fans of The X-Files who wish they knew more!

State Route 375 was nicknamed the ET Highway in 1996 to distinguish it from State Route 855 along its length, as it passes near Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51, an ultra-secret military facility linked to aliens, UFOs and conspiracy theories. Homey Airport or Groom Lake (officially) are part of Nevada Test and Training Range where classified aircraft research takes place.

From Crystal Springs, Highway 60 travels south through desert and mountains before ending up at Rachel. Within one mile from its official sign is Rachel’s Alien Research Center – an eye-catching silver Quonset hut where you can purchase alien apparel and souvenirs. Also nearby are numerous UFO-themed signs as well as an exterior replica of a two-story silver alien standing guard outside its doors.

The ET Highway sign, situated alongside a highway near a jerky shop, has become an object of fascination among UFO believers. Due to persistent vandalism and theft attempts against it, its visibility was eventually reduced nearly unreadably, but recently the government installed it at a higher height to deter vandalism and theft in future incidents.

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