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Which State is Home to an Extraterrestrial Gravesite?


which state is home to an extraterrestrial gravesite

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Aurora residents like to joke about its supposed UFO crash site and alien pilot; locals refer to him as Ned, and believe he rests peacefully at Aurora Cemetery.

New Mexico

New Mexico offers many distinctive and exciting attractions, from museums and archeological sites to a spaceport and laboratories. Additionally, its reputation is famed for producing art by legendary figures like Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams who hail from this state. Additionally, its natural resources such as oil and gas play an integral role in its economy.

New Mexico was initially colonized by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century and eventually become part of America through treaties between Spain and Mexico. New Mexico eventually joined the Union as its 47th state, boasting an interesting combination of cultures from Mexico, Southwest United States, and other regions across its borders.

In 1947, it is said that a UFO crashed in Roswell and created widespread fear about aliens. Later on, however, the Air Force revealed that bodies found at this site were actually test dummies used by government researchers to assess pilot survival risks when falling from high altitudes.

Aurora, Texas was home to another alleged UFO crash during the late 1800s. It’s believed that a flying saucer crashed near this small town and killed its pilot; they’re now laid to rest in Aurora’s main cemetery. Due to this alleged UFO sighting legend, Aurora has become a tourist destination as well as providing financial incentives for filmmakers hiring local actors and crew members for films shot there.


Aurora, a tiny Texas town best known for a train wreck, became famous when an alleged alien UFO crashed into its windmill. Residents say its pilot–known to them simply as “Ned”–died during this crash and was later given a proper burial in Aurora Cemetery.

Ned’s story made the front page of the Dallas Morning News and, while initially met with great skepticism, some still believe he’s been laid to rest at that location near the entrance of the cemetery. A large rock now marks this spot; visitors to his grave have used ink pens to write messages like “Rest in Peace, My Alien Brother” on it over time.

Today, Aurora features a historical marker at the crash site that acknowledges it, while more modern headstones with crudely drawn spaceship images have also been erected nearby. People have attempted to excavate Ned’s remains themselves but were denied by cemetery rules which require permission for exhumations before doing so; some researchers even used ground-penetrating radar to search for his remains without success.


Tater Junction in rural northeastern California is home to a legend about an alien being interred there following their spaceship crash in 1897. Local settlers found him and provided proper burial under a nearby twisted tree with a headstone bearing an crude UFO-etched tombstone; later however, its grave marker disappeared altogether, prompting conspiracy theorists to demand that its body be exhumed and exhumation proceedings begun.

Today, this spot is marked by a historical marker outside of Aurora Cemetery and does not mention alien burial; perhaps as many other tombstones at Aurora have been vandalized over time.

Location: California The Golden State lies along the Pacific coast, stretching from its cliff-lined beaches and redwood forests, Sierra Nevada mountains, Central Valley farmland and Mojave Desert to Central Valley farmland and Mojave Desert. Home of Hollywood Entertainment Industry as well as hilly San Francisco. Home also of natural beauty that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

One of California’s more notable residents are the founders of Google, actress Angelina Jolie and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Additionally, California claims the origin of tequila and is known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Furthermore, California ranks third largest among states and boasts more miles of coastline than any other.


Unfortunately, many considered this tombstone America’s first UFO monument; however, it vanished sometime around 2010. Since then, a historical marker has been put up highlighting this town’s place in American ufology; unfortunately however, this marker neglects to mention that the crash reportedly happened near an area hit hard by epidemic and crop failure.

Gulf Breeze continues to attract UFO enthusiasts from across the nation. YouTube star Dan Bell even made a video about his visit! And although the town remains silent on this matter, many residents continue to believe Ned Walters’ alien legend and embrace his alien crash claim by attending conferences there or visiting Ned’s grave site that features an image of what many believe was Ned’s spaceship etchings.

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