September 8

A UFO Sighting in Las Vegas Goes Viral on YouTube


ufos over las vegas

After receiving reports that aliens had crashed on their property in Las Vegas, police responded quickly – one even recorded it all with his body camera!

However, NASA planetary defense official Lindley Johnson informed Motherboard of this information.

What is a UFO?

UFOs and UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), have recently made headlines due to a bipartisan initiative underway in Congress that seeks to investigate and declassify government documents which may shed light on these unexplained phenomena. But what exactly is a UFO, and why has it captured public imagination for decades? The first reported sighting occurred in 1947, when military announced they had found an unexplainable flying disc-shaped object at a rancher’s property near Roswell in New Mexico; this event gave rise to conspiracy theories regarding extraterrestrial visitors or cover-up for some secret military experiment involving this object being found there by military.

Since that incident, there have been several reported UFO sightings; some were recorded on video; most are fleeting images that appear for only an instant before disappearing from view. Some incidents occurred near military bases or coastlines, prompting experts to fear these objects might be spy planes from China or Russia that pose national security risks.

UFO stands for unidentified flying object; however, it has come to symbolize aliens or other supernatural beings. Some individuals even claim they were abducted by aliens while some believe UFOs may actually be spaceships from distant planets that travel here on Earth.

For years, the United States government lacked detailed records on UFO sightings; however, in 2021 Congress directed the Pentagon to establish an office to investigate these incidents. According to official reports from this office, most UAPs turned out to be known objects or atmospheric phenomena; only a small percentage were truly mysterious.

In addition to maintaining careful records of UAPs, the Pentagon is using more advanced technology to track them. These include radars, infrareds, electro-opticals and visual observers that can help identify objects. It may be that some incidents involving satellites and meteors in orbit above Earth could also be misconstrued as UFO sightings as these objects have similar shapes and movements as UFOs.

UFO Sightings in Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents who witnessed a bright light flash across the sky in April likely misinterpreted it for being UFO, rather than an actual meteorite as had been speculated by some residents of Las Vegas. A police officer captured footage on his body camera of what is now widely popular online as an alien or UFO sighting due to its closeness to Area 51. This has since gone viral on YouTube and caused further debate regarding alien lifeforms or Area 51 being present nearby.

Lindley Johnson of NASA Planetary Defense told Vice Media’s Motherboard outlet that the green fireball seen in April was likely less than one meter in size and therefore likely not classified as UFO by CNEOS website. She explained that CNEOS only captures reports of objects estimated to exceed one meter size based on observed total energy release; hence the meteor spotted would likely have exceeded this threshold and thus not counted as UFO sightings.

Las Vegas UFO sightings have garnered increased media coverage due to the release of declassified documents and four UAPs shot down by the Air Force recently, sparking widespread speculation that US government is covering up evidence of alien life or their advanced technology. This speculation has given rise to conspiracy theories suggesting US authorities are covering up signs that aliens exist and are covering up evidence they possess.

Though most UFO sightings are dismissed by mainstream media outlets, people continue to report mysterious aerial events. Sometimes this prompts local governments to launch investigations; for example, in the US the Pentagon recently relaunched Project Bluebook in order to investigate reported alien and UFO sightings.

Local governments and military bases alike have implemented UFO detection systems. These technologies aim to identify unidentified flying objects that appear in the sky; some can even track their movement or speed.

While it remains unknown if these unidentified objects are alien, it would be prudent to remain alert for them. If you see something mysterious in the sky, be sure to capture its image and videos – who knows, maybe it could mark an exciting new chapter in UFO history!

UFO Reports in Las Vegas

Recent weeks have witnessed a significant surge in UFO interest. This phenomenon can be attributed to several factors, such as recent disclosures by former intelligence officials or releases of classified documents.

One family in Las Vegas called 911 at midnight after reporting seeing two aliens in their backyard. Police arrived and the family described these creatures as eight-10 foot tall with large eyes; however, police searched their yard but could find nothing. After an exhaustive investigation concluded in vain, they have since closed this case.

Though many might dismiss these claims as false, UFO sightings continue to take place all around the globe, with over 600 sightings recorded just in 2021 alone. Furthermore, after a lengthy hiatus the Pentagon recently resumed an investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

Declassified documents revealed that the United States Government holds unmanned vehicles of non-human origin in its possession. Project Bluebook may have received renewed focus due to recent revelations by former Intelligence official David Charles Grusch who claims access to classified information about deep covert programs with UFO possession programs.

While UFO sightings continue to attract widespread public curiosity, most are simply natural events. A bright flash of light seen earlier this year in western US was likely just a meteor; according to Lindley Johnson, NASA planetary defense officer, its object likely entered Earth’s atmosphere at such high speeds that it produced an audible flash when entering our atmosphere and began emitting its glow of light upon entry.

Light pillars, created when sunlight passes through clouds and reflects off their inner surfaces, creating bright columns of light in Centennial Hills earlier this month, could also explain this flash of lights captured on an officer’s body camera.

UFO Video in Las Vegas

After a mysterious light streaked across the night sky in Las Vegas, it was captured on video. This event resulted in many calls to 911 reporting seeing aliens or “alienoids”. One family described two 8-10 foot beings with large eyes which they described as being between 8-10 feet in height – Officers responded and searched their yard, but could find no sign of anything unusual there either. News quickly spread online about this incident as people shared videos they shot themselves of this occurrence.

At times, flashes of light in the sky can prompt UFO sightings. But, in one instance, there was more: On April 30, a resident in a Las Vegas neighborhood called 911 to report seeing two aliens in their backyard. When responding officer met them they told them that he would investigate their claim further and inquired if any cameras existed within their home; family responded saying none existed but their neighbor did have cameras installed in his/her residence.

Officers then drove over to a neighbor’s home, questioning them about strange lights they had seen. Residents responded that they had witnessed two beings they believed to be nonhuman and described a large light. Neighbors then showed the officers footage from their camera that confirmed what the family described.

Body cam video from an LVPD officer simultaneously revealed a bright blue streak across the sky, according to The American Meteor Society. People living across Nevada, Utah and eastern California reported witnessing it.

After posting video of aliens online, a TikTok user named “owltreestump” shared audio from 911 call and news reports as well as digitally created footage depicting what appeared to be an alien-looking creature – going viral among many who believed it was real.

TikTok eventually removed this video as proof that it was indeed fake, though other videos still feature audio from it – such as ones combining news reports with CGI-created imagery to simulate an alien sighting in the city.

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