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What Does the Bible Say About Extraterrestrial Life?


what does the bible say about extraterrestrial

Christians often buy into the notion that alien life exists somewhere out there in space; however, this should always be evaluated against biblical standards.

The Bible does not explicitly confirm alien life, but does teach that man and angels were created as the only intelligent beings by God. Additionally, according to this text all other planets and stars exist within God’s timetable for his people living here on Earth.

Genesis 1:27

No matter all of the hype, scientific theories, and media coverage that surrounds alien life, the Bible says very little on this subject. According to Scripture, God created only intelligent beings including angels and humans (Genesis 1:27). Mankind represents His crowning glory when created.

On the sixth day of Creation week, God completed His creation of fish in the sea, birds in the air, and many animals who roam freely across land and air. But He wanted something more: something extraordinary and extraordinary from His work which would stand out among His other creations – that’s why He created man in His image and likeness both male and female.

The Bible informs us that one day Christ will return and destroy this universe, creating new heavens and a new earth (2 Peter 3:9,10; Revelation 21:1). And its timetable depends upon God’s plan for Earth itself.

Exodus 20:11

Scholars of Scripture often maintain that Exodus 20:11, which refers to God working “in six days,” is an added verse which comes much later into the text and has no connection with its overall teachings. This opinion has caused much contention.

Young Earth Creationists often point to Genesis as evidence for their position that God created everything quickly; however, many conservative commentaries recognize that its ambiguity doesn’t necessitate a young Earth view.

Christians are reminded in 1 Peter not to mistreat aliens or strangers because we were once aliens ourselves. Exodus 23:23 also provides similar counsel, exhorting Israel not to oppress a “resident alien”, because they know his heart.

Deuteronomy 4:27

The Old Testament is filled with God’s presence/presence: his shekinah cloud (wilderness wandering period) and Ark of the Covenant beyond Jordan during monarchial period; but He is also intimately involved in Israel’s daily lives and interacts directly with them through him.

God should be reverenced with reverence; His actions at Mt. Horeb proved this point. God did this not to save them but instead, to demonstrate His power and love so they would trust in Him (Exod 20:20).

“you saw no form” In Genesis 1-4, God does not provide an image or physical manifestation of Himself for his people to worship (cf. Romans 2-3 and Galatians 3). Rather, He longs for them to connect with Him through covenant obedience and faith/repentance (cf Romans 2-3 and Galatians 3).

Note the conditional nature of God’s covenant (see Special Topic below). His blessings and curses depend upon our obedience!

Job 38:4-7

Job is suffering for no clear reason, yet is aware that his sin is to blame. Job wants an explanation from his friends as to why so many wicked people appear to escape punishment (see 21:17-26). Bildad provides a negative example (8:11-15). Papyrus reeds grow when exposed to water; otherwise they dry up and die off quickly – just as life itself leads towards its inevitable conclusion of death in either case.

Job provides an alternative scenario (see Job 42:2-5). He declares himself blameless before God and asks Him to examine and evaluate his heart and mind.

Behemoth and Leviathan represent God’s omniscience over creation; these grand creatures demonstrate his dominion of all that exists outside his grasp – as an illustration of its wild power which cannot be controlled by humans but instead remains under His sovereign care; further, these beasts serve as reminders that evil cannot survive for too long.

Psalm 104:5

Science fiction movies and TV shows frequently address the search for extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, much of what people assume they know about this topic comes from deceptive sources who seek to make money off unsuspecting viewers. It is important to keep in mind that almost no one believed such rubbish during biblical times; most knew better! Furthermore, most of the 200 verses flat-earthers cite do not refer to earth shape at all and instead contain at least three classes; most frequently these involve misreading non-modern English terminology in older versions of Bible versions which often cherry-picked in selectively selected versions cited from non-modern versions that contain cherry-picked versions which they cherry picked.

Psalm 104 provides one of the finest examples of this, using a very specific Hebrew word (rakiya) which specifically relates to space. See our discussion of this topic and raqia’ for more insight into this issue.

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