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How Many UFO Shot Down in Domestic North American Airspace


Posted by Gonzo on August 25, 2023 10:22 AM

US fighter jets recently shot down three unidentified objects in domestic North American airspace after seizing control of what appeared to be Chinese spy balloon in February. A general overseeing North American airspace refused on Sunday to discount possible extraterrestrial origins of these objects.

Radar tracked three objects that caused the government to restrict airspace and scramble fighter jets. One was identified as a balloon while the remaining two remain unexplained.

1. Roswell 1947

Roswell remains one of the most iconic UFO incidents ever witnessed by UFO enthusiasts, having become world famous after military officials released an extraordinary press release claiming they had discovered what looked like a flying saucer on a ranch nearby in 1947. UFO enthusiasts around the globe were initially overjoyed, while subsequent investigations led to allegations of various conspiracies surrounding Roswell.

At last, the Air Force changed their statement and issued more cautious claims that debris had come from a weather balloon instead. Unfortunately for many believers, this did not satisfy them.

Roswell has long been at the center of public conversation, appearing in books, documentaries and even drama series. Some believe aliens visited Earth that summer; even if this isn’t accurate, Roswell remains an event with widespread implications that has contributed to extensive conspiracy theories and speculations.

Some theories contend that the Air Force took alien wreckage to Area 51 (the remote facility where US tests advanced aircraft such as U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird) for reverse engineering purposes and attempted to hide this fact from the public. Though conspiracy theories persist, most experts have disproved any possibility of an alien crash at Roswell; indeed, military personnel did recover part of a weather balloon in Roswell.

2. Washington D.C. 1947

Sightings of mysterious aerial phenomenon made headlines across the country in 1947. Civilian and military witnesses reported seeing objects that appeared like saucers – thus giving rise to the popular term flying saucers.

Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency officials were alarmed at the recent surge in UFO sightings, fearing an enemy nation may use false reports to create mass panic and launch a sneak attack against America. Both agencies set up outside panels to evaluate evidence and search for solutions.

Air Force physicist Robertson led one of these groups. This panel examined 12,618 reports and concluded that most were unexplained but did not pose a threat to national security; these conclusions are similar to earlier Air Force projects such as Project Sign, Grudge and OSI Study Group of CIA.

Politicians were wary of an imminent Soviet invasion at this time, with two nuclear bombs detonated and rapidly developing guided missiles capable of reaching America. Michigan Rep. Gerald Ford initiated a full investigation of UFO sightings which eventually occurred during summer 1967; its final report concluded that most incidents could be explained away through misinterpretations of evidence, for instance when bodies claimed by Air Force bases appeared similar to crash test dummies used at White Sands Proving Ground west of Roswell (photos appear in USAF reports).

3. Alaska 1947

In 1947, rancher William “Mac” Brazel discovered something odd in one of his pastures. After reporting this anomaly to Roswell Army Air Force Base soldiers arrived and collected all the materials – leading to sensational newspaper headlines claiming a flying saucer had crashed at Roswell; when in reality it was simply a weather balloon.

By the 1950s, UFOs had become part of popular culture; Alaska boasting multiple flying saucer dances and even an express delivery service for UFOs! UFOs also made appearances in several television shows and movies including Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).

On February 10, a US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object over Alaska. Officials estimated its size as similar to that of a small car and noted it did not appear similar to any Chinese surveillance balloon that had recently traveled across America. They further added it did not appear manned.

The Pentagon declined to release images of the object; however, units from US Northern Command and Alaska National Guard as well as helicopters such as HH-60 Pave Hawk and CH-47 Chinooks from US Pacific Fleet were actively searching for it.

4. Yukon 1947

In February, the US shot down an unknown object over Canada’s Yukon territory. Reported to be roughly the size of a small car and flying low altitudes, there was concern it may interfere with civilian air traffic. Per a Pentagon official, NORAD tracked and advised against shooting down this object based on an abundance of caution; President Biden approved NORAD’s recommendation and two F-22 fighter jets were dispatched with Sidewinder missiles to attack it successfully.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed the object was shot down by US forces upon request of his country, though had little further to say on the subject. NORAD officials have not released any additional details of this incident and it remains unknown what caused it to fly close to US-Canada borders; Yukon landscape has long been known to become a graveyard for aircraft, leading to hundreds of crashes over time.

Some conspiracy theorists have asserted that the US has been covering up evidence of aliens, drawing parallels between Roswell and recent incidents. Others have raised issues regarding images or debris recovery at these incidents; alleging that they’ve occurred so as to cover up its mistakes by the government.

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