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President Who Saw UFO?


Posted by Gonzo on August 25, 2023 7:46 AM

Unknown aerial phenomena have long intrigued the public since WWII, and several presidents have promised to reveal government secrets regarding them; unfortunately, few have actually followed through.

One did: a peanut farmer serving as governor in Georgia who saw something during an experience that caused him to pledge never again to dismiss UFO sightings as mere coincidence. This book chronicles this story along with others like it.

Harry Truman

Harry Truman was an agriculturalist, haberdashery owner, and Democratic senator from Missouri during the early 1950s. As president of the Senate War Investigating Committee – which helped expose wasteful spending that ultimately saved perhaps $15 billion dollars – Harry played an essential role in making sure defense contractors supplied quality goods at fair prices for defense.

In July 1952, an unusual series of radar blips began appearing on air traffic controllers’ screens in Washington D.C. Pilots aloft reported seeing bright lights dancing through the sky; two military jets were scrambled as two Air Force and CIA officials became worried that mass hysteria or even panic might overwhelm federal communications channels, endangering national security.

The Air Force established Project Blue Book to investigate reports of UFO sightings and assess any threat they posed to national security. Their final report indicated that all sightings could be weather-related; however, Capt. Edward Ruppelt later publicly denounced this explanation as nonsensical.

Truman has also become associated with a conspiracy theory concerning MJ-12, an alleged secret committee comprised of scientists and military leaders charged with investigating alien spacecraft since 1947’s crash of one in Roswell, New Mexico. Documents purporting to be classified memos about MJ-12 surfaced in 1984 only for them to later be declared false by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Gerald Ford

After graduating from the University of Michigan Ford relocated to Grand Rapids where he established a law practice while serving as assistant football coach for Hillsdale College Hornets. Ford also taught boxing and wrestling lessons before being involved in reformist movements against Republican party boss Frank McKay during this time.

Ford took action when Michigan witnessed an increase in UFO sightings in 1966, sending reports to the Air Force who sent astrophysicist J Allen Hynek to Michigan to investigate. Hynek dismissed Ford’s sightings as being caused by “swamp gas,” leading him to issue a public statement in response, declaring that American people deserved better answers than that provided.

Ford’s congressional hearings helped reignite interest in UFOs even after the Air Force decided to shutter Project Blue Book as their official UFO investigation branch, sparking congressional hearings on this topic in both 2017 and 2018. These renewed hearings continue even today with Congress having held hearings on this subject matter both years.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was one of the greatest modern American leaders when it comes to human rights advocacy. Throughout his presidency from 1977-1981, Carter championed democracy, economic and social development and international peacemaking efforts. Carter addressed energy crisis issues through proclaiming a national energy policy; demanded government efficiency through civil service reform and expanded national park system expansion while making record appointments of women, African Americans and Hispanics into federal positions.

Carter made an indelible mark on world politics through his political experience and humanitarian initiatives, earning him recognition with the Nobel Peace Prize for “his untiring effort to seek peaceful resolutions to international conflicts, advance democracy and human rights, promote economic and social development and facilitate international understanding”.

Jimmy Carter became convinced he witnessed an unidentified flying object while hiking through the woods in 1969 and filed a report with a government agency; that form can now be found at his library and museum.

Hugo Wentzel revealed himself on ABC reality competition Claim to Fame as Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s grandchild during its latest episode. Wentzel spoke with Entertainment Weekly (EW) about his grandfather, Jimmy Carter’s health issues including home hospice care, as well as Rosalynn being diagnosed with dementia at 95.

Barack Obama

Though the subject has long been debated among science fiction fans, screenwriters, and conspiracy theorists alike, scientists are becoming more intrigued with UFO sightings due to an increasing number of personal reports about unknown objects in the sky – whether these sightings result from extraterrestrial life or advanced military technology, people want to understand what’s going on above them.

UFOs have captured public imagination, prompting lawmakers of both parties to call upon the government for information on them. Unfortunately, the Pentagon is reluctant to release such details since corroborated radar images would make it hard to dismiss eyewitness accounts of UAPs as airborne clutter or natural atmospheric phenomena.

But in response to public pressure, the Pentagon has begun shifting its position and no longer refers to unidentified aerial objects as UFOs but instead uses UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). This term acknowledges both that some objects might remain unknown while some could even be advanced technologies being tested by China and Russia – yet another reason it could be hostile reconnaissance activities from outsiders like China or Russia. Furthermore, this approach to investigating reports was established within their intelligence community by creating an office dedicated solely to investigate them.

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