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Where is the Most UFO Sightings?


Posted by Gonzo on August 23, 2024 8:09 PM

Everybody has an UFO story to share, and since 2000 the National UFO Reporting Center has gathered those accounts in their database.

California leads in terms of UFO sightings, followed by Florida, Washington State, Texas and New York – while Roswell, New Mexico’s Area 51 comes last.

1. Chile

Forbes claims Chile to be the top destination for UFO sightings worldwide, thanks to its low humidity, high altitude ridges and clear skies without pollution – all making the country an attractive target for alien hunters. Forbes specifically mentions San Clemente near Maule Valley as an area where reports have surfaced of encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Chile has experienced such an explosion of interest in Ufology that the government created CEFAA (Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos or Committee for Studies of Anomalous Air Phenomenon). This organization specializes in studying and investigating aerial anomalies; current director Hugo Camus is both an air traffic controller and aeronautical journalist.

Although ufologists aren’t considered serious scientists, their theories and experiences are becoming an integral part of national culture. This can be seen on morning shows and radio programs where guests like Rodrigo Fuenzalida appear as experts to discuss findings or any controversies with aliens.

Ufology in Chile has become so popular that it has evolved into a theory machine. According to historian of science Peter Galison, a theory machine is an object which facilitates theoretical formulation; what more theoretical can there be than invisible aliens? Debate will probably continue about whether UFOs exist and whether they’re here for good – which might never end.

2. Mexico

The X Files made headlines for depicting a UFO crash site in Mexico City, and this country seems to be host to the highest rate of UFO sightings overall. Mexico City itself is particularly well-known among alien hunters, with many reports coming out of “Ruta OVNI”, an area surrounding Mexico City’s international airport known for UFO activity. Most sightings involve light or spherical objects which move off when planes approach, then return once passed over them.

Residents in Tepoztlan, a town situated between rocky cliffs and mountains, frequently claim to have seen lights flying over Popocatepetl volcano. These disc-shaped lights have given the town its reputation as a hotspot for extraterrestrial encounters, drawing in visitors while leading to local Ufologists being formed.

Notable UFO sightings in Mexico include two teenagers being abducted by aliens in Durango in 1957 and video footage from Monterrey showing an apparently gray disk-shaped object over its iconic Cerro de la Silla mountain. UFO enthusiasts have plenty of places across Mexico where they can search for evidence of extraterrestrial life; from deserts and cities alike.

UFOs are no longer taboo topics among politicians, former servicemen and intelligence officials, all discussing them more openly. A recent unclassified report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence shows that US troops reported 509 sightings over the last year – up significantly from 144 reported in 2021 when first assessed.

3. Belgium

Brussels may be known for being Europe’s dullest capital city, yet it has witnessed some of Europe’s more dramatic UFO sightings. The Belgian “UFO Wave” from 1989 and 1990 saw numerous witnesses claim they witnessed triangular craft flying overhead at high speed without incident; even NATO jet fighters managed to lock onto radar locks of these craft without seeing them visually.

One of the most renowned images from this time period was the Petit-Rechain photo, depicting a triangle with three lights moving slowly and silently across the night sky. At that time, its meaning caused intense speculation; some believed that it showed NATO testing a stealth fighter aircraft.

Sightings culminated with mysterious objects being chased by two F-16 fighters; however, their pilots could not get a good look at the objects until eventually they disappeared into the clouds. This incident remains one of the most significant UFO encounters ever witnessed by European nations and remains unexplained to this day.

Last year, the Belgian UFO Hotline received 210 reports of unidentified flying objects – an increase of 8.2% over 2021; however, many sightings can easily be explained away as insects, planes or planets are common sightings.

4. Brazil

The Bermuda Triangle has long been associated with UFO-related conspiracy theories. Stretching from Florida all the way out to Bermuda and Puerto Rico, this large expanse of water has seen numerous mysterious ship and plane disappearances that have given rise to theories regarding alien life and extraterrestrial contact.

One of the most compelling and bizarre UFO sightings came out of Brazil in 1977 in Varginha in southern Minas Gerais. An encounter allegedly started quite innocently when two soldiers took a shortcut through a vacant lot to avoid having to pass by an empty lot at midday; on their journey through they noticed an illuminated object that caught their attention; they investigated further when reaching its location and discovered an enormous saucer-shaped craft that had been sitting overhead.

As they attempted to approach, the object moved quickly towards them, terrifying them to the point that they screamed out in fear and brought other soldiers running from their barracks, with UFO swiftly streaking away into space. Two soldiers were then transported to a military hospital and received first and second degree burns across 10% of their bodies.

The Colares flap led to a series of mysterious events affecting many Brazilians. A team from their government sent out to investigate, however it later classified as classified information and kept confidential.

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