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Skinwalker Ranch in Utah Has Become a Hotspot For UFOs


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Skinwalker Ranch, in Utah, has long been associated with alien and paranormal activity. Now owned by a real estate mogul interested in studying claims of portals to other dimensions and otherworldly creatures on his property.

Skeptics have speculated that the Shermans may have staged cow mutilations and monster sightings to sell their land to Bigelow’s NIDSci for profit. So what exactly is going on at Skinwalker Ranch?


Although many may remain skeptics of UFOs, the area surrounding Skinwalker Ranch is known for mysterious and unexplained phenomena that has earned it the name “UFO Alley.” Furthermore, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch can be found on History Channel as a popular documentary series.

Ancient Aliens features an esteemed former Department of Defense astrophysicist as its star scientist, with impeccable credentials. Together with his team he and they investigate mysterious events at a ranch; however, most results remain inconclusive, prompting some experts to assert that Ancient Aliens is simply embellishing weak evidence as fact.

Even without proof, NIDSci continues to draw viewers. Beyond its star astrophysicist, other members of NIDSci team include well-known paranormal enthusiasts – among them Tom DeLonge of rock band Blink-182. Established by Bigelow and several colleagues in Utah desert region they named “Skinwalker Ranch”, they researched-but failed to prove-suspected paranormal phenomena there.

While most poltergeist activity at Skinwalker Ranch can be explained away with ordinary explanations, some has been more malicious. Reports have surfaced of entities lifting people off the ground, electrocuting them and tossing them down stairs – not to mention manifesting horrific images and creating noises that are distressful to those witnessing them.

Attributed to poltergeists on this ranch is something known as Hitchhiker Phenomenon; this refers to energy that spreads from person to person who visit and may cause hallucinations or be used to control minds, leading some researchers to consider them a demonic force rather than ghosts. Potential explanations could include psychic energy or extraterrestrial influence combining with extra terrestrials and/or restless dead; they could even be magic beings such as fairies, trolls and goblins among others!


Recent years, Skinwalker Ranch has become a hotspot for mysterious events. Alien abductions, cattle mutilationss, electromagnetic disturbances and unexplained phenomena have all taken place there, earning the ranch the nickname of UFO Alley. There have been various theories as to what’s going on at Skinwalker Ranch: supernatural activity may exist while others believe there may be portals connecting it to other dimensions – and now some believe alien UFOs may even be present there!

One popular theory suggests that paranormal activity at Skinwalker Ranch could be caused by UFOs. This theory holds that these phenomena could be the work of UFOs trying to communicate with humans. Light activity at Skinwalker Ranch and strange cattle injuries were witnessed frequently and people reported seeing lights or hearing voices, leading them to believe this theory as explanations.

Another possibility is that Skinwalker Ranch’s weird happenings are part of a natural phenomenon, like earthquakes or seismic shifts that cause hallucinations such as shapeshifters, aliens or portals to other dimensions. Unfortunately, testing this theory is extremely difficult due to tectonic shifts or seismic activity causing hallucinations; thus causing people to see shapeshifters, aliens or portals into other dimensions. Unfortunately this theory poses two significant difficulties. Firstly it can be very hard to test and secondly it does not explain why these hallucinations affect so many individuals.

Skeptics of the ranch point out that stories of aliens and otherworldly activities began shortly before its owners, the Shermans, decided to sell it. Robert Bigelow is known for his interest in UFOs; in turn he founded the National Institute for Discovery Science to fund UFO research. Skeptics speculate whether or not the Shermans faked cow mutilations incidents and paranormal activity so as to sell their property quickly.

If you want to gain more insight into what happens at Skinwalker Ranch, be sure to tune into The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch on History Channel for this season. It will explore any developments at the ranch and attempt to uncover any mysteries.

Seismic Activity

The Uintah Basin has long been home to unexplained phenomena that have captured public imagination, from aliens, ghosts, or government conspiracies – drawing in people from all around the globe to witness or investigate strange occurrences – be they aliens, ghosts, or government conspiracies. At its center lies Skinwalker Ranch; a sprawling 512-acre property at the epicenter of these mysteries and featured prominently in popular TV series such as Hunt for the Skinwalker on HISTORY among many others.

Robert Bigelow purchased the Sherman Ranch in 1996 as a self-made millionaire and aerospace magnate, founding National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci) to investigate any paranormal claims at the ranch. Like Mulder himself, Bigelow invested millions into his investigation which included round-the-clock surveillance of land and surrounding areas as part of their monitoring plan; yet their team was unable to verify any eyewitness accounts of strange happenings at this property.

Even after NIDSci disbanded in 2004, mysterious activity at the ranch continued. Ultimately, Utah commercial real estate magnate Brandon Fugal purchased the property in 2016 and has continued investing millions into installing cameras and sensors around it as well as having field experts monitor radiofrequency and transient radiation levels on it.

From this research, it is believed that some of the strange phenomena at Carman are caused by seismic activity. While not the same form of energy released during an earthquake, pressure from deep underground plates builds and releases daily, creating energy which manifests itself in strange manifestations at Carman and elsewhere.

The new owner of the Ranch believes that all this activity is being generated by an “entity”, whom he refers to as the “Skinwalker”. As part of their investigation into this mystery activity at the Ranch, this multidisciplinary team includes former military members connected with TI project.

Secret Space Program

Skinwalker Ranch has long been considered a hotspot for UFO sightings. Although many dismiss them as natural phenomena, some believe they’ve witnessed something extraordinary in these sightings. Over the years, various groups – including Las Vegas real estate millionaire Robert Bigelow himself – have explored this region, conducting investigations.

Bigelow acquired his land in 1996 and established a private research organization called NIDSci (National Institute for Discovery Science) to investigate. However, due to an ongoing controversy and multiple eyewitness accounts of strange animals and orbs seen flying above, this group ultimately disbanded in 2004. There have been claims from witnesses of strange sightings but NIDSci never managed to capture any evidence on video or audio equipment.

In 2016, Brandon Fugal, an enigmatic businessman with an interest in paranormal phenomena, purchased this property and has released several documentaries on History Channel that claim to have discovered some truth about its mysterious happenings.

He suggests that a secret government project buried remnants of an alien spacecraft at his ranch, which caused an unexplainable phenomenon to surface years later. His documentary includes footage showing an unseen creature walking across the ground as well as images of lights in the sky; various pieces of equipment such as drone magnetometers, thermal cameras, Geiger counters and spectrum analyzers are used to capture evidence that supports his hypothesis.

Skeptics have long discredited Fugal and his team’s claims regarding the ranch, but Fugal remains firm that its mysteries exist. He has even invited former government officials involved with the original Tic Tac incident to visit it and has conducted aerial experiments at Triangle Area that simulate what occurs there.

The 512-acre plot has been the site of several crop circle incidents and unidentified cattle mutilations events, and numerous witnesses have reported seeing glowing orbs and humanoid figures on numerous occasions. On one such occasion, Gwen Sherman was driving her car when suddenly an unexplainable light appeared from nowhere and began following her, forcing her to abandon it and flee the scene before it reached her car.

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