August 30

UFO Orbs – More Than Just Flying Saucers


Posted by Gonzo on August 30, 2023 3:29 PM

Palm Coast homeowner has captured two mysterious orbs of light on her security camera and believes they could be dinosaur-like creatures.

People throughout Tijuana and northern San Diego County have reported seeing strange lights in the sky this week, prompting much speculation on what they could be. Military drones also captured images of these strange objects.

They are a form of communication

Hessdalen Valley lights have long been an object of fascination for many. Many report seeing what appear to be flying saucer-shaped lights appearing up to 20 times every week, prompting speculations of alien life or human intelligence; but scientists have recently discovered that these mysterious lights may actually represent more than simply flying saucers.

Light sources cannot be easily distinguished as any specific craft; their lack of thermal exhaust indicates they don’t use gas power either. Instead, these light sources serve as forms of communication: “type three” spheres located 5-10 miles apart can transmit information over long distances without cables being necessary – in essence making up their communication network.

Important to keep in mind is that these spheres are not alien spaceships but instead provide a form of communication for various uses. They can be detected using cameras and radar systems but cannot be seen with naked eyes; scientists need to analyze massive amounts of data in order to detect them.

Scientists are calling upon both the military and NASA to be more proactive when responding to UAP sightings, breaking down stigma surrounding such phenomena that has prevented scientists from studying this area of research. The newly formed All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) hopes to do just this.

They are a form of energy

One of the many fascinating aspects of UFOs is their wide variety of shapes. For instance, they can take various forms, from glowing balls of plasma or electrical energy that lasts only briefly but cannot be replicated in a laboratory setting – known as ball lightning – to appearing during thunderstorms with only trained observers using high-powered scopes seeing it.

UFO enthusiasts have long held that UFOs are signs of extraterrestrial life on Earth, while government officials remain uncertain. Sean Kirkpatrick of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), for example, told Congress about strange metallic orbs appearing all around the globe and even shared classified footage captured by an US reaper drone in 2022 showing one such object in Middle Eastern territory.

Patrick reports that orbs typically range in size from one to four meters and feature white, silver and translucent surfaces that have radio and radar signatures as well as visible infrared signals. They often fly between 10,000 and 30,000 feet at altitudes ranging from stationary to Mach 2, without producing thermal exhaust emissions.

Patrick has also discovered that much of poltergeist activity is caused by radiation bursts from these spheres, leading to sickness or faintness when investigating UFOs.

They are a form of light

An image captured off of North Carolina has inspired numerous conspiracy theories online. Viewed over 4.8 lakh times, this video appears to depict 14 glowing orbs floating erratically and changing colour; similar to Hessdalen Lights seen for decades in Norway. While urbanisation and light pollution may explain why these mysterious lights appear more frequently near cities than remote locations.

NASA recently hosted its inaugural public hearing on UFOs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This four-hour meeting made headlines around the globe, as it featured footage of metallic orb-shaped UFOs. US military forces also have footage showing such craft in active combat zones but have refused to make this information public.

At a hearing earlier this month, two Air Force veterans shared their remarkable experiences with UFOs at the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). According to these former service members, these orbs have been disabling nuclear warheads and disrupting military training sessions.

These lights are extremely bright and have an unusual shape unlike any other aircraft in the sky, leading many to believe they could be aliens or supernatural energy sources. Scientists are baffled by these mysterious orbs; yet their source may simply be rare forms of ball lightning.

They are a form of sound

UFO sightings have long captivated humanity’s interest, with sightings across the world reported every year. Recently, however, a group of scientists has begun investigating these mysterious phenomenon – some even suggesting extraterrestrial origin – leading to attention from top scientists as well as calls for NASA to take responsibility in studying them.

Although some witnesses speculate that lights seen in the sky might be alien spaceships, there’s no proof they come from extraterrestrial sources. Most sightings have been explained as terrestrial sources such as meteors or aircraft – however as more cases surface experts are striving to determine their origin.

The Pentagon released a video that caught everyone’s attention of a mysterious metallic orb hovering above the Middle East region taken by an MQ-9 Reaper drone during a mission over that area – yet no explanation for what this object could possibly be has been provided yet.

Speakers at the meeting decried the stigma attached to UAPs and called on government agencies to step up efforts in collecting quality data on them. Speakers expressed concern about possible negative repercussions these objects could have for global security and stability, as well as encouraging both NASA and Pentagon representatives to collaborate to break down stigmata surrounding this mysterious phenomenon and collect more data about it.

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