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UFOs in North Dakota


ufos in north dakota

Posted by Gonzo on August 31, 2023 6:12 AM

North Dakota has an extensive record of UFO sightings dating back to 1947 when a private pilot filed the first official report; since then there have been multiple sightings across the state.

Three Air Force veterans spoke out this week at a Washington press conference, detailing decades-old encounters of saucer-shaped craft reportedly playing around nuclear missile silos. Their accounts have become part of UFO lore.


North Dakotans have an increasing fascination with UFOs. So much so, that congressional committees have started investigating this phenomenon! This bodes well for us UFO enthusiasts as it means one step closer to open hearings where witnesses can come forward and share their experiences.

North Dakota has long been known for encounters between UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). According to NUFORC’s statistics, in 2023 alone there were 207 reported UFO sightings reported, making North Dakota fifth on this list for sightings, following California, Arizona, and Florida which also have high sighting numbers.

According to a recently released documentary, there appears to be an association between nuclear weapon development and an increase in UFO sightings. According to this documentarist’s claims between 1967 and 1968, several UFOs were spotted near missile sites in North Dakota – specifically Malmstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls Montana and Warren Air Force Base near Cheyenne Wyoming – where eyewitnesses reported seeing brightly lit objects that could be seen for miles around, setting alarms off at both bases, prompting crew members at Warren Air Force Base to activate launch inhibit switchs in response.

Documentarists also spoke with a former Air Force spokesman who asserts that military officials have a covert program to investigate UAPs. According to him, the Pentagon has established an office specifically dedicated to collecting reports and conducting research on this phenomenon; annually Congress must be informed on these findings from this office.

As well as the official UFO Office, there are also private organizations dedicated to researching UFOs. This includes universities and professional scientific associations. Furthermore, these groups hold periodic public seminars about this phenomenon to explore different perspectives while keeping everyone updated on any developments within the field.


North Dakota has seen an increased interest in UFOs and flying saucers recently. While the United States government remains reluctant to acknowledge their existence, evidence continues to mount suggesting their existence, leading to ongoing debate about ufology (UFOlogy).

North Dakota is located in the Upper Midwest region of the United States and borders Canada to its north and south as well as Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana to its east and west. As an expansive prairie state characterized by wide expanses of flatlands interrupted by rolling hills and rugged mountains drained by Missouri River’s tributaries James River Sheyenne River Souris River

Early inhabitants of what is now Minnesota were members of various Native American tribes, such as Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara along the Missouri River; as well as Sioux groups such as Assiniboine, Yankton and Wahpeton across most of the state. These native groups occupied Minnesota for centuries prior to being taken over by European settlers.

During World War II, the Air Force became involved with investigating reports of unidentified flying objects. A key incident took place near Los Angeles when anti-aircraft batteries opened fire on what they initially believed to be Japanese aircraft but later was identified as a lost weather balloon. Pilots from 415th Night Fighter Squadron reported witnessing strange discs flying overhead as well.

After World War II, North Dakota experienced rapid industrialization. Farming became mechanized, cities like Fargo and Grand Forks flourished, oil was discovered, and its economy expanded as oil wells began producing revenue. By 1950s it had become an epicenter for defense industry with missile sites and military bases located throughout its boundaries.

Iowa stands as one of the leading energy producers and wind power suppliers, boasting one of the highest concentrations of wind farms across the nation. Its expansive rural areas make Iowa an ideal location to develop this renewable source of energy.


North Dakota has a rich history of UFO sightings dating back to 1947 when private pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed nine shiny objects near Mount Rainier in Washington state and reported them. Reporters then used this term “UFO.” Over subsequent decades there were additional sightings.

Numerous witnesses reported seeing silver disks flying near Grand Forks. On July 12, 1954 – now known as the Gorman dogfight – an experienced World War II veteran and his family observed between 12-15 fast-moving saucers in rapid flight over their residence.

Witnesses reported seeing a flash and hearing a rumbling sound, followed by seeing eight to 10 bright objects with bright lights in the sky that appeared to emit smoke, as if emanating from somewhere. After half of them disappeared and half continued towards the east, witnesses felt paralyzed until their movements returned and when the UFOs had moved off into space again they were no longer there.

Reports have also surfaced near Minot and Grand Forks Air Force bases; following these incidents, the Air Force conducted discreet investigations known as Project Blue Book to examine them.

The Blue Book files were recently made public for research. Containing interviews with witnesses as well as descriptions of objects sighted, plus photos and documents related to UFO sightings, this collection provides invaluable insight into this baffling mystery of spacecraft sightings. Anyone intrigued by UFOs will want to read these files carefully!


While some believe UFOs do not come from outer space and can be explained using conventional explanations, many others feel strongly that further investigation of this phenomenon should take place scientifically. For this to occur, evidence must be presented and documented; then enough proof could exist to support claims that these events exist.

One example is the 24 October 1968 UFO event at Minot Air Force Base. This incident stands out by providing extensive primary documentation and independent testimonial evidence – from radarscope photographs showing its movement over time, to transcripts of pilot commentary.

These documents present an opportunity to carefully consider data, witness statements and witness accounts in greater depth. A number of questions arise from this evidence including its speed of travel and its distance from base; an interesting discovery made was that this UFO moved in a manner consistent with interstellar traveler.

Another intriguing find was revealed in radarscope images taken during an aerial reconnaissance mission, showing a glowing trail following in line with the UFO’s velocity, suggesting it may have been powered by electromagnetic propulsion, an unknown type of propulsion to humans.

While some information available on UFO phenomenon is intriguing, much remains unexplored. Not only is additional scientific investigation required but rethinking how UFOs are addressed publicly through investigations reopened or unsealed documents must also take place and an ongoing dialogue must take place among those who believe UFOs exist and those who do not.

Reopening investigations and opening documents won’t be simple; it will require time, energy and commitment on behalf of all involved if we want to understand this fascinating yet controversial subject matter. But doing so is necessary if we wish to gain any real understanding.

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