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The Solomon Islands Giants and UFOs


solomon islands giants and ufosPosted by Gonzo on September 2, 2023 8:12 AM

Islands to the east of Papua New Guinea were made infamous during World War II by fierce battles for Guadalcanal.

Eyewitness accounts from Guadalcanal provide evidence of giants living among its jungle mountain ranges, easily identified by those offering shell rings as sacred offerings to them in sacred clearings. Several eyewitness reports mention giants inhabiting these mountainous regions – however these giants do not seem human-like and easily spotted by local people who offer these sacred offerings as symbolic money in sacred spots.


The Solomon Islands are an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea and home to over 1,000 islands. Once home to Melanesian people for millennia, these islands were first discovered by Spanish navigator Alvaro de Mendana in 1568 under their original name of Islas Salomon before 1893 when Britain established a protectorate over them. Americans may know of them from World War II where fighting took place on Guadalcanal, one of its largest islands within its group.

According to local reports, a giant civilization resides within Guadalcanal’s jungle mountain ranges. Reportedly standing over 15 feet in height with vast cave systems across the island and being known to kidnap people, as well as terrifying tales of cannibalism and abduction passed from generation to generation, such reports abound on Guadalcanal.

Many eyewitness accounts of giant creatures have surfaced, such as one where a villager was caught by them when returning home from the market and was attacked and taken back into their village, where he was tied up and later eaten.

Another encounter involved two people exploring the area with their girlfriend when they came upon what appeared to be a cave-like opening and heard voices coming from within it, before walking further inside it and seeing white men and reptilian creatures accompanied by UFO saucers – terrifying them enough that they fled quickly in terror, reporting it all to police afterwards.

In the 1990s, there was a front page photo in the Solomon Star newspaper showing one of these four foot high creatures being carried hand-held down Honiara’s main street by one person carrying him/her hand-held down Honiara main street – it is known as Chowa-Chowa or Co-Co; on Guadalcanal these beings are known as Giants and typically stay within cave systems in mountain jungle but may venture into villages from time to time.

People of the Solomon Islands lack an awareness that their Giant race has existed for millennia; therefore this website aims to bring this knowledge about them into the modern era.


The Solomon Islands, an exotic tropical paradise with unfathomable ancient ruins and mysterious writings from unknown cultures, is also home to mysterious Sasquatch-like creatures who have terrified generations of villagers with terrifying tales of abduction, cannibalism and sightings in the sky by locals. Some experts even speculate they have visited Earth since time immemorial as part of an extraterrestrial race with hidden bases on these islands, now slowly being unlocked through science.

These Giants typically possess long black or brown hair and stand taller than human beings, though some are shorter. Their eyes bulge with red eyeballs that protrude from under a protruding double eyebrow. Their features also resemble that of an ape, having protruding double eyebrows with protrusions between each eyelid. Their strength is uncanny as well; some are very hairy while others lack any hair at all; some even possess small hands with clawed fingers on each finger; some possess small hands with clawed fingers on each finger, large feet, etc. Locals on Guadalcanal believe there are three different types of Giants living on Guadalcanal; larger versions resemble Sasquatch while smaller versions exist similarly living within jungle environments but are much less harmful to human society than larger counterparts.

Marius Boirayon, an ex-RAAF engineer and maquis leader from central France during World War II, is raising funds to visit the Solomon Islands to investigate these mysteries. His startling experiences and knowledge of their inhabitants’ long history of encountering strange aerial crafts and alien beings led him to seek out Giant/UFO hiding spots in this area of South East Asia.

Boirayon’s research thus far has led him to identify several pins on a map of Guadalcanal which indicate cave entrances he believes lead into one large UFO Base on Malaita Island. Furthermore, UFO sightings have become frequent near Kwoi and Namo’ere’ere villages located south of Guadalcanal.

He believes that American-led Howard occupiers are caught in a no-win situation with these Giants, trying to please other governments while trying to gain their massive oil reserves and resources at the same time – they face no viable strategy to deal with these entities.


Overall, Giants are generally peaceful beings. Like all races however, they each possess their own individualities and quirks; some Giants sport long hair which makes it harder for others to spot them due to its ability to blend into the jungle environment; this may explain why some hide out in caves; another reason could be they bury their dead rather than have anyone see their bodies after death.

One fascinating thing about Solomon Islands Giants is their peculiar interaction with Humans; specifically their “special” relationship with Shell money. If someone puts any piece of Shell money (or currency used in local customs) into a sacred clearing they get the attention of nearby Giants who come over and take the money as a token of respect towards ancient visitors.

Shell money has long been used as currency by Guadalcanal Islanders; even today a piece can still be used as currency.

Giants interact with the people of Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands in other ways as well. Although rarely, they have been known to kill individuals; on occasion they even provide assistance, like Ezekiel Alebua who received help.

There’s much to be learned from studying Giants and their interactions with the inhabitants of Guadalcanal, Malaita, Choiseul and Isabelle. For this reason, it would be good for some of these individuals to write down their encounters with giants on this Website; my goal is to bring these incredible discoveries to the attention of the world.


The Solomon Islands are rich with traditions and tales about an unknown Sasquatch-like creature that is said to exist under the sea, mountains and even jungle lakes. Legend has it that these frightening, ghostly-appearance creatures have terrorized generations of islanders with abduction and cannibalism stories.

Legends about Guadalcanal’s Giants have been passed down through generations for millennia by its people, who fear them due to their carnivorous and cannibalistic tendencies. Additionally, these Giants possess long hair which burns them easily; thus any traveler traveling into Giant territory should take precautions by carrying a gas canister equipped with a lighter.

Notably, though land ownership is important to indigenous Guadalcanal and Solomon Islanders, Giant land is considered to be shared among them all and so when UFOs land there, they do not move in but leave it alone for indigenous use by all inhabitants of their country. American led Howard occupiers who think they can simply walk into Guadalcanal’s jungles to contain these giants will soon learn otherwise; instead it would become an extremely deadly game of cat and mouse.

No doubt there are other Islands within Vanuatu and the Solomons with undiscovered hominoids too, and therefore, if Howard-led Americans want to contain the Giants of the Solomon Islands they will need to invade Vanuatu as well as invade multiple other Islands as part of a long war against these intelligent species. Soon enough they’ll know if their intelligence outstrips those found elsewhere! Tune In Now & See Who Wins! – Eric. Eric originally published this story for ParaReality Radio on May 23rd 2015. For its original publication visit ParaReality Radio here

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