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UFOs Greys


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ufos greys

Greys are extraterrestrial aliens frequently depicted in popular culture. They frequently appear in UFO conspiracy theory plots such as those presented on The X-Files or Area 51.

Professor David Jacobs contends that grey aliens resemble humans because they take DNA samples from abductees, while also possessing an open mouth slit because of telepathic abilities.

What are they?

Greys are one of the most frequently reported alien species seen during UFO sightings. Commonly referred to as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys or simply Grays, they’ve come to symbolize extraterrestrial visitors with flying saucers who use memory-erasing technology and abduct people for study purposes. Their appearance has become iconic; with many conspiracy theories connecting them with government-backed disinformation campaigns or New World Order plans.

Grey is named for their skin, which closely resembles that of humans. Greys are commonly depicted as small humanoids with short bodies and limbs covered with smooth grey skin that resembles human flesh and large heads with thin lips and narrow neck slits resembling human anatomy – features that have made them one of the most instantly recognisable alien characters from pop culture.

Although numerous theories exist regarding their purpose and intent, most commonly they are perceived as sophisticated biological robots created by an extinct extraterrestrial race that have employed humans (or even enslaved them) for their bidding. Other beliefs hold that they could be time-traveling descendants of humanity who wish to master death and escape its grip upon our universe.

Grey aliens are generally believed to be highly intelligent beings with superior mental capacities to that of human beings, capable of communicating telepathically and employing telekinesis for communication purposes. According to some accounts, Greys may even manipulate people whom they’ve abducted through fear manipulation, confusion inducing or hallucinations induced during abductions; and abduction claims often describe Greys staring directly into those they abduct, conducting studies.

The Greys are perhaps the most widely recognized representations of aliens in popular culture, appearing in movies such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Men in Black, Star Wars and beyond. Additionally, they can be found in video game Final Space and TV show South Park; other cartoon characters such as Velgroxs from Dilbert and Giygas from Mother may resemble Greys while Sargeant Major and Clarence in Deus Ex are based upon them in terms of appearance.

What do they look like?

Grey aliens are among the most frequently mentioned extraterrestrial visitors mentioned in UFOlogical cases. Resembling humanoid beings, they can often be found depicted as such in rock art and stone figures. Greys typically possess large heads, huge eyes, long limbs and have black hair with its own planet Zeta Reticuli within Vega star system as their origin.

Greys are thought to be advanced biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they lived alongside on Earth, which outlived them. These aliens search for something humans possess that they do not – souls. With souls they can transcend matter’s confines and enter into timeless spirit realm. That’s why Greys abduct human beings.

The Greys are known for using spaceships that can stop time in specific places and restrain abductees using flexible devices that wrap around their bodies. Furthermore, they have the power to extract living babies from mother’s wombs and place them into maturation tanks for growth and development.

Greys have long been featured as protagonists in films, TV shows and video games. Close Encounters of the Third Kind introduced us to Grey aliens; Duros from X-Files and Zyzphlahelmrn from Mother video games also fit this description; numerous characters on Animated Dilbert are Greys as well as Velgroxes from Transformers TV series and Mavros from Endless Space also fit this bill.

Harry Vanderspeigle, from The Debrief, is a mercenary who hunts Greys, believing they are trying to take over Earth. To track them down he must enter restaurants where everyone’s time has been frozen except himself before they emerge as The Greys and reveal themselves as such.

They reveal to him that for years they have been creating human/Grey hybrids to blend more seamlessly into society, but now plan to completely take over. If Harry allies with them they threaten destruction of the world; but Harry refuses as his people have no use for The Greys’ resources and technology.

What do they do?

The Greys are an alien species who have long visited Earth, prompting numerous conspiracy theories such as Roswell and Area 51. Additionally, their appearance in popular culture has contributed to them becoming synonymous with UFO sightings; The X-Files debuted with them as an episode back in 1993 and more recently they have made appearances in video game such as X-COM series and Greyhill Incident 2023 game titles featuring them.

While some scientists and experts may believe the Greys to be extraterrestrial beings, others think they might be demons or fallen angels from another dimension trying to manipulate Earth for their own gain. Frederick V. Malmstrom also claims that depictions of Grey aliens found in popular culture may simply reflect residual memories from early childhood development.

Professor Jacobs is one such scientist who holds that Grey aliens resemble what they appear due to taking DNA samples from abductees, thus explaining why they have two holes for ears, slit-mouths and cranial ridges – features which he claims explain why Greys appear this way. To prove his case he even created a DNA test as proof.

Scientists and other researchers have observed that Greys do not match up to our genetic code in terms of physical characteristics or intelligence/compassion; leading many to speculate they could even be biological robots.

The Greys have also been linked to Scientology cult leader Tom Grusch. Retired army colonel Karl E Nell spoke highly of Tom Grusch’s character during an evaluation reviewed by The Debrief, saying that he was “above reproach.” Rumors arose that if Greys are real they may be using Earth as cover to conduct human experiments with an aim of creating superior hybrid beings.

Are they real?

Grey aliens have long been one of the most iconic images of extraterrestrial life depicted in popular culture. They typically appear as short, thin humanoids with long limbs, large black eyes, small nostrils and mouth slits and grey skin – yet where did this image of alien life originate and is it real?

Gustav Linde first popularized the depiction of Grey aliens in 1933 with his novel Den okanda faran (The Unknown Danger). This novel featured aliens who looked similar to Greys. Later it would serve as an inspiration for other stories and movies featuring Grey aliens.

Since that time, Grey aliens have become an iconic feature in science fiction literature and movies and TV shows; yet no hard evidence that they exist has ever surfaced.

And yet, some still believe in Grey aliens and allege the government is trying to conceal information about these beings. One such individual is Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator who has stated that the Pentagon has been collecting and studying crashed UAPs for years; according to him, Grey aliens come from Zeta Reticuli star system as telepathic/telekinetic beings.

He claims that governments use Grey aliens to control human populations; others, however, dispute this view and assert that Greys simply seek a better life off-world.

Others have speculated that the Grey alien may actually be used as a vehicle by higher-dimensional beings, who use him or her to interact with lower density environments like humans do using avatars on computers. They can enter and leave his/her body at any time with complete control over it.

People tend to believe the appearance of a Grey alien as enough proof that aliens exist, although others require further proof. This is particularly prevalent when considering conspiracy theories relating to government mind control experiments that link Grey aliens.

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