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US Fighter Jets Shoot Down Three UFOs Over North America


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In February of 2023, US fighter jets shot down three unidentified objects flying near American airspace. While no evidence has emerged suggesting these could be alien UFOs, a military general refused to rule out alien origins as possible explanations.

Yukon in Canada appears to be the target for the object tracked over Montana on radar, and was chosen for shooting down in order to minimize risk to people on the ground and improve chances of debris recovery.

How Many UFOs Have Been Shot Down?

After numerous reports of high-profile sightings of unknown objects over North America, US fighter jets have taken down three. On Friday they shot down one over Alaska; Saturday saw Canadian UFO sightings; then on Sunday there was an incident over Lake Huron near Wisconsin involving three objects that may or may not have been extraterrestrial visitors; however NORAD and Pentagon have both made clear that these incidents do not indicate alien activity; instead these objects may simply have been terrestrial sources.

This object was reported flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and was identified as a cylindrical object, posing a safety risk to aircraft. A US F-22 jet captured it over Yukon Territory in Canada’s northwest corner. NORAD issued a statement noting that they have included FBI in their investigation of this event – something not normally done when investigating UFO sightings; perhaps suggesting these objects don’t belong to alien lifeforms but have nation-state origin.

Congressional leaders have also raised questions regarding the shoot-downs. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told ABC News he had been briefed on them and was informed the objects likely originated from China; according to him, US efforts are currently “focused like a laser” on collecting information and compiling analysis before making definitive statements regarding this situation.

How Many UFOs Have Been Shot Down in the Past?

No matter their source, whether extraterrestrials or larger spy conspiracies, the United States military has shot down at least three mysterious objects in just over one week, the latest taking place above Lake Huron on Sunday between Michigan and Ontario – its fourth object after a Chinese spy balloon that was shot out of the sky on February 4 was also downed in quick succession.

On Friday near Deadhorse, Alaska a car-sized object was shot down. On Saturday after entering Canada from Alaska President Joe Biden ordered another cylindrical object down after consulting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Sunday afternoon, Biden was again consulted when an object was seen flying over Lake Mead and near its border. F-16s sent to investigate found it to be octagonal-shaped with strings hanging off of it but no discernible payload; an official did not rule out surveillance capabilities however; its flight altitude was approximately 20,000 feet which is closer to that of commercial airliners than those seen previously.

Air defense activity has perplexed and confounded the public for some time now, providing political critics with new ammunition for attacks against President Barack Obama’s administration – with some on the right linking it with immigration issues. While the Pentagon prefers using terms such as “high altitude airborne objects” instead of suggesting alien involvement in its terminology when speaking about these objects, their true nature remains unknown – creating another mystery!

How Many UFOs Have Been Shot Down in the Future?

With unexplained objects appearing in US airspace, Pentagon officials acted swiftly. A newly formed bureau called AARO (All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office) was given the task of investigating and discouraging speculation about alien connections to these sightings. Naval and Air Force pilots recorded many strange object sightings dating back to 2004. Although government accounts attributed some sightings to drones, birds, solar reflections or weather balloons; 171 incidents still remained unexplained.

Officials attribute the increase in UAP sightings to changes in radar capabilities that allow military to pick up more objects at higher altitudes. While it remains unknown if this new detection system caused three objects that suddenly appeared over US airspace on Feb 4 to be shot down by air defense systems and then destroyed on Feb 5, they are expected to be recovered soon after being shot down Sunday over Lake Huron and possibly again before March 11.

Recent shootdowns have reignited public curiosity over UFOs, raising renewed fears of extraterrestrial activity. But, the White House has assured Americans not to worry. At a press briefing held by White House Spokesman John Kirby, Kirby clarified that objects shot down were not spaceships and did not pose any threats to US or other national sovereignty; additionally, their location over Lake Huron was chosen specifically so as to minimize risks to civilian traffic while increasing chances of debris recovery.

What Are UFOs?

Recent actions taken by US military to shoot down three objects flying over both Canada and the US have caused renewed speculations regarding alien invasions on Earth. Officials have attempted to diffuse such speculations; however, public dissatisfaction remains high.

Unidentified Flying Objects, commonly referred to as UFOs (Unknown Flying Objects), refer to any aircraft which cannot be identified. UFO sightings first became prevalent after World War II as new technologies such as rockets and missiles made it simpler for scientists to create fast, maneuverable aircraft.

UFOs may come to mind as flying saucers, but there have also been reports of other aircraft such as drones and commercial planes being seen by witnesses as UFOs. There have also been natural phenomena reported as UFOs such as meteors or fireballs which appear suddenly without apparent propulsion mechanisms.

At every opportunity, government officials try to avoid using the term “UFO.” They prefer using alternative terms such as “unidentified aerial phenomenon” or “UAP.” Officials want to dispel any impression that these incidents involve extraterrestrial lifeforms.

The US military is currently conducting investigations to ascertain what exactly was shot down, with initial speculation suggesting Chinese spy balloons. However, experts suspect these objects to have been spacecraft. Furthermore, their altitude was much lower than most commercial airline flights and suggested Chinese influence over this incident.

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