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The Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada


Nevada is home to an extraordinary road known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Travel this 98-mile drive for more than beautiful landscapes; experience quirky Americana on this adventure through Nevada!

At UFO conventions and trade shows, you will see everything from alien t-shirts and statues, to the legendary black mailbox. It has become a gathering spot for UFO enthusiasts.

It’s a road in Nevada

An extraterrestrial highway road trip in Nevada provides the ideal opportunity to see its scenic terrain while having some out-of-this world experiences. Stretched across State Route 375 for 98 miles, it passes by Area 51’s secret military base which has been associated with UFO sightings; although no evidence has ever been discovered in that location. There are, however, numerous strange and fascinating spots well worth visiting along this 98 mile long journey.

At the start of this road lies an Extraterrestrial Highway sign covered with stickers that make it unreadable, marking its start. Once past this sign, keep an eye out for Little A’Le’Inn; Rachel has become known as the UFO Capital of the World! Also make sure to stop at Alien Research Center which looks similar to an airplane hangar but contains a giant silver alien standing outside!

While traveling along the extraterrestrial highway, be sure to strike up conversations with locals in order to gain more insight into their lives and you might even hear tales about an encounter with aliens! However, remember not to enter Area 51 – its high security base is off-limits to tourists.

It’s a place to see UFOs

Though the government continues to deny any evidence of alien life, many individuals still hold strong beliefs in its existence and possible appearance here on Earth. This belief is especially prevalent in Nevada where reports of the secret US government base called Area 51 have inspired an entire community dedicated to alien-themed attractions like quirky roadside stops and black mailboxes which are said to signify UFO sightings.

SR 375, situated near Area 51’s top-secret military base, has long been known as the Extraterrestrial Highway due to the frequency of UFO sightings along its route. Rachel in particular is popular among alien-hunters; Little A’le’Inn provides an unforgettable alien-hunting experience; visitors can stop for lunch, chat with the owners, and purchase acid green alien head coffee mugs!

The area’s rugged desert landscape, rugged mountain peaks and tan-colored hills resemble something out of a sci-fi film, providing the ideal setting for alien hunters looking to investigate otherworldly activity without fearing being alone in the middle of nowhere. Listen to your favorite tunes while visualizing your favourite road movie; this unique desert highway experience won’t soon be forgotten.

It’s a place to explore otherworldly activity

The Extraterrestrial Highway offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to witness alien life forms or catch a glimpse of a UFO. Situated near Area 51 – an ultra-secret military facility associated with conspiracy theories and reports of extraterrestrial life forms – it boasts alien-themed stops along State Route 375 as well as offering stunning views of Nevada desert scenery.

Although it might be hard to believe, aliens have been seen roaming around Nevada desert and has led to numerous UFO sightings in this region. Unfortunately, however, due to government policies keeping this information a closely held secret it’s hard to tell whether aliens actually exist but nevertheless this area remains popular with alien enthusiasts and has even gained more notoriety since the release of Independence Day movie.

Road trips along the Extraterrestrial Highway provide an engaging and unique way to discover this quirky part of Nevada desert. Your first stop on this unique road trip should be E.T. Fresh Jerky, featuring its eye-catching alien mural and large sign. Here you can grab lunch or buy souvenirs.

Alien Research Center is another popular attraction, boasting an airplane hangar and towering alien statue. Their shop provides the perfect spot for photos or purchasing alien-related souvenirs; additionally, don’t miss checking out Black Mailbox – an eccentric mailbox which serves as a gathering spot for enthusiasts of alien culture!

It’s a place to get away from it all

An Extraterrestrial Highway road trip can be an excellent way to escape everyday stressors and find solace. Bring along some music you love, watch one of your favourite road movies, and admire the desert landscape – no traffic means less noise for more relaxation and focus on enjoying this grand adventure! Who knows… maybe even aliens might appear!

As you travel along Highway 15, the first stop should be E.T. Fresh Jerky; an eccentric alien-themed jerky shop sure to make you laugh and sell alien T-shirts and mementos. Additionally, visit Alien Research Center gift shop with its silver building featuring an enormous alien out front that sometimes opens for business; when not open though it still provides great photo opps!

Just beyond the gift shop you will come upon an Extraterrestrial Highway sign covered in stickers from visitors – make sure to add one yourself! After this stop head toward Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark; its barren desert formation could have been visited by homesick Martians looking for home.

No matter whether driving solo or with others, exploring the Extraterrestrial Highway can be an exciting way to spend a day or two. Just make sure that you bring plenty of food and water just in case of gas shortages or breakdowns!

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