September 11

UFOs Over Germany


After Germany launched the world’s first jet airplane and Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound, Germany and America were inundated with UFO sightings. Air Force Blue Book investigators often linked these sightings to secret U-2 spy plane flights which often seemed like glowing disc-shaped objects when reflecting sunlight rays off them.

UFOs in Nazi Germany

Conspiracy theorists often hold Hitler and the Third Reich responsible for flying glowing orbs. According to these claims, Nazi scientists secretly built saucers – known as Wunderwaffe in German – during World War II with help from extraterrestrials or from their own scientific genius. While this theory might seem far-fetched at first, it appears to have some credence – after all, Nazi weapons often outclassed Allied ones during battle; Luftwaffe fighter jets far outshaded them both; V (for Vengeance) terror weapons could bring nuclear catastrophe.

Nazi Germany also developed aircraft that resembled modern flying saucers. One such craft, known as Haunebu flying saucers, resembled UFOs with vertical flight capabilities and was said to feature a circular engine. While its purpose remains unknown, the legend surrounding these crafts persists both in conspiracy theories as well as model kits and video games; other options could include Die Glocke or even an autogyro or gyroplane as potential Nazi saucers.

Some of the more unusual Nazi-UFO stories have even linked these mysterious machines with an aircraft crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1960 – although this link seems unlikely. Still, the Kecksburg Incident has given credence to theories that Hitler and his SS scientists were behind UFO sightings; typing “Nazi UFO” into Google will yield pages of books, articles, videos and websites dedicated to this conspiracy theory.

UFOs over Berlin

Monday night’s disruption at Bremen Airport caused by an unexplained flying object has confirmed what many have long suspected: Germany has an extensive history of unexplained flying objects, dating back to 1561 over Nuremberg (then part of Holy Roman Empire), when sightings were reported of celestial battles fought by UFOs; an event memorialized with woodcut depictions.

Germany is well known for its longstanding fascination with UFOs, but there have been other bizarre incidents too. One notable event occurred in Greifswald in 1990 involving seven shapes seen flying above, captured on film using night vision footage by a witness and seen over 200,000 times since.

In November 1944, members of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron witnessed mysterious lights near Strasbourg that seemed to indicate extraterrestrial presence. While Lt. Fred Ringwald thought they may have been aliens at first, his fellow airmen became completely convinced they were.

The UFO incident led to a formal investigation by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence. Their team was led by Wilton E. Lexow, later heading up its Applied Sciences Division and known for being skeptical of alien theories while advocating an intensive assessment of nonconventional aircraft.

Lexow was initially skeptical of UFO-related events; nevertheless, he realized they required close investigation and began compiling an informational file on UFOs. His investigations were supported by his relationship with Air Force leadership who were aware of his efforts and encouraged him to continue researching them.

UFOs over Brandenburg

Unknown objects temporarily disrupted flights at Bremen Airport on Monday evening, yet this wasn’t the first recorded UFO sighting in German skies. Germany’s very first recorded sighting happened over Nuremberg (then an imperial free imperial city within Holy Roman Empire) in 1561 and was recorded on woodcut by printer and publisher Hans Glaser.

On September 18 of 2015, a plane crew near Hagenau witnessed two mysterious lights flying at high speed towards them for approximately two minutes before disappearing out of sight.

Scott C Waring, an established UFO hunter, recently claimed that an extraterrestrial craft was seen hovering above Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport. On his website he shared photos of what he claimed was 22 meters long craft with camouflaging abilities to hide in clouds – yet experts disproved his claims as they pointed out examples of pareidolia; our minds’ ability to recognize familiar shapes within nonrecognizable patterns.

German UFO enthusiasts were left shocked after witnessing the sighting of a flying saucer near a nuclear power plant in Brandenburg. This event led to concerns regarding nuclear reactor safety; in response, German government stated it is impossible to tell whether the UFO was real aircraft or alien technology.

Germany’s major political parties remain committed to their anti-Pandemic response despite controversy; only right-populist Alternative fur Deutschland has taken issue with lockdown and mass vaccination policies, yet still has sufficient seats to form an investigation committee on Corona pandemic response.

UFOs over Greifswald

On August 24th 1990, two luminous spheres sighted above Greifswald could not be explained scientifically and were observed for over thirty minutes by residents and tourists of Greifswald – during this time two military aircraft made repeated low-level passes near them – making for one of history’s most intriguing events – one that UFO enthusiasts and researchers continue to study today; though no tangible proof has ever been discovered yet it remains one of our fascination events.

Greifswald UFO sighting was reported to German Air Traffic Control by witnesses, with one reporting the object was fast moving and had a blue tint to its hue. A member of 415th Night Fighter Squadron also saw it; although World War II had nearly ended at that time, they thought it may have been something out of War of the Worlds!

Although no official explanation has been offered for this event, some experts speculate it could have been caused by either an alien spaceship or meteor. Others have challenged these explanations and have demanded the government reopen investigations and unseal documents related to them; while also calling upon military to initiate dialogue with members of the public.

German UFO sightings date back to the 16th century, including a celestial battle over Nuremberg in 1566 that was recorded by printer Hans Glaser and printed ten days after. Today, this image can be found preserved in Zurich museum. More recently, YouTube videos showing three UFOs flying above Wittenberge, Brandenburg have received over 200,000 hits but some experts remain doubtful as to its authenticity.

UFOs over Frankfurt

Sightings of UFOs above Frankfurt have caused flight disruptions and delayed other planes. German air traffic control agency claims it does not know what it was; radars detected it, while a helicopter attempted to track it without success; reports claim cargo flights were cancelled or diverted in response. Some passengers also claimed seeing multiple lights including triangular ones flying through the sky; some thought these lights may have been part of celestial conflicts or dogfights while others believed them to be alien spacecraft.

UFO sightings above Nuremberg in 1561 (then part of the Holy Roman Empire) have often been explained away as sun dogs resulting from light refraction, yet this theory fails to account for eyewitness reports of celestial battles and similar occurrences in subsequent centuries.

American airmen stationed in Germany often reported seeing bright orange lights that they believed to be U-2 fighter aircraft during World War II. Air Force BLUE BOOK investigators eventually explained these sightings away as natural phenomena such as ice crystals or temperature inversions but made sure not to reveal this information publicly.

Since Steven Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind’s release, there have been an increased number of unsolved UFO sightings across Germany. There are various clubs and nonprofit associations who study UFO reports; Hansjurgen Kohler from Central Research Network for Extraordinary Aerospace Phenomena outside Frankfurt told DW that 95% can be explained away with satellites, odd-shaped balloons, weather phenomena or insects zooming across photos.

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