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What is a UFO?


Posted by Gonzo on August 27, 2023 10:01 AM

UFOs have long been an intriguing topic among both skeptics and believers of alien visitations. While videos and personal accounts tend to grab headlines, most UAP reports end with harmless explanations.

NASA has responded by creating a study group and redesignating UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomenon, as the subject matter.

Unidentified flying object

Although UFOs remain an intriguing topic of conversation, experts maintain there is no concrete proof of extraterrestrial life here on Earth. VIDEOS and personal narratives don’t constitute enough data for NASA and the Pentagon to link objects spotted by pilots with extraterrestrial life – therefore encouraging more scientific study of this phenomenon. Recently the Pentagon began labeling these objects UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomena).

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) refers to any object seen flying through the sky that cannot be immediately identified or explained. Since 1952 when first coined by the Air Force, this phenomenon has gripped Americans’ imagination. Science fiction writers and conspiracy theorists alike have written extensively about UFOs; even military officials have set up an office dedicated solely to investigating reports of unexplained flying objects.

The office also recently made changes to their name of UFOs to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), in part to avoid their association with fictional aliens and discourage further scientific investigation. Furthermore, this change attempts to dissociate UAPs from strange atmospheric conditions or camera lens tricks.

The Pentagon reports that most UAPs eventually turn out to be identifiable objects; however, a small percentage remain unexplained. These objects often fly near military bases or coastlines, raising suspicion they could be secret Chinese or Russian technology. UAPs may also serve as balloons used by countries to collect intelligence without being detected by satellites.

Unidentified aerial phenomenon

UFO has become synonymous with alien visitors from other planets; however, many objects seen in the sky may have less spectacular explanations. Indeed, governments have been studying some of these objects for years, prompting a hearing by Congress over 50 years later on this matter.

According to a report released by the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), there have been over 500 UAP reports filed over 17 years. Most of these incidents include orbs or round spheres which appear near altitudes where aircraft typically fly, some moving at high speeds while others seeming to simply remain stationary.

NASA and other federal agencies have also studied UAPs. However, UFO phenomena is notoriously difficult to study without becoming controversial and sometimes stigmatized – according to Nicola Fox, NASA’s science chief. Members of their 16-person panel on UAPs have even reported being harassed online!

UAPs have raised concerns for national security. The Pentagon has established a task force to examine any sightings and declassified three videos shot by Navy pilots. New York senator Chuck Schumer plans on introducing legislation which would declassify more UFO-related documents following in the footsteps of JFK assassination records collection act.


Since the military released videos showing UAPs, there has been renewed interest in them. Even though most sightings turn out to be harmless, government authorities are taking them more seriously now than ever before; NASA’s blue-ribbon UAP study team is now combing through its vast archives for relevant data that could reduce reporting stigma and help scientists obtain higher-quality data.

Eghigian reports that, until recently, the Pentagon was reluctant to release its reports on UAPs; now however, multiple branches of federal government are involved in their investigations, from NASA and other civilian agencies through to ONI and DNI as well as pilots or eyewitnesses in its investigations.

This new report will cover 120 incidents of UAPs. For each one, it will explore its history and characteristics; such as what material it was composed of, its movement patterns and changes over time. While not making definitive judgments regarding whether an object qualifies as UAP or not, data will be provided that allow the public to form its own opinions about whether an object qualifies.

While many still consider UAPs signs of extraterrestrial life, scientists are beginning to apply the scientific method in investigating these mysterious events. Utilizing tools like radar, they have discovered that most UAP reports likely represent physical objects; eyewitness testimony is much harder to reject when physical object corroborated by radar has been seen by eyewitnesses than with radar alone.


Exobiology, or the study of extraterrestrial life, has long been an area of debate and contention. Many scientists, including Carl Sagan, argue that intelligent life may never arrive on Earth due to its complex requirements for formation – such as genetic code compatibility and atmospheric conditions – while others like geologist Peter Ward and astrobiologist Donald Brownlee maintain complex life may only exist here on Earth and elsewhere in space.

Even amid the debate, some scientists remain committed to the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). Many have participated in government investigations such as Project Sign and Blue Book; one such investigator was late astronomer J. Allen Hynek who founded the Center for UFO Studies in 1973.

Since 1947’s Roswell incident, many people have reported encountering unidentified flying objects that remain unexplained despite efforts by scientists to explain them with atmospheric phenomena. Many remain unexplained however. Government agencies now refer to UAPs by their acronym: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), in an attempt to disassociate them from alien visitations and promote more scientific investigation of these events. Furthermore, this terminology change acknowledges that most UAPs do not constitute evidence of alien visitation and scientists would like to move beyond biosignature analysis towards discovering definitive signs of alien technological civilization – specifically through radio transmissions from SETI program projects.

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