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What State Has the Most UFO Sightings?


Posted by Gonzo on August 27, 2023 2:20 PM

Undoubtedly, some people have witnessed unexplained lights in the sky that cannot be explained; many believe these could be aliens or billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

Are UFO sightings prevalent across all 50 states? According to Satellite Internet, Maine stands out as an excellent state for UFO spottings, followed by Washington State, Vermont and Alaska.


California is well known for its extraordinary mountains, deserts, and food; but its otherworldliness also extends to UFO sightings: according to the National UFO Reporting Center there have been 15,457 sightings reported from this state since 1998!

Florida trails Florida closely in second place, followed by Washington and Texas respectively, followed by New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona to complete the top ten list.


UFO sightings have been reported across all 50 states, though certain spots attract more UFO-spotters than others. California leads with over 15,000 sightings since record keeping began, followed by Florida, Washington State, Texas and New York.

Gulf Breeze, Florida resident Mary-Jeanne Clough reported seeing what appeared to be a flying saucer from her bedroom window, however the Pensacola News Journal published photos which later were disproved as hoaxes by researchers such as Bruce Maccabee.

Other top states for UAP sightings are Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While the Pentagon acknowledges their existence, no proof has been found proving alien life forms exist.


Texas may have a number of UFO enthusiasts thanks to Heaven’s Gate leader Marshall Applewhite and Marfa Lights sightings; it also hosts MUFON (Massive UFO Flier Organization) and SETI (Space Environment Telescope Institute), both monitoring alien signals in space.

Abilene has also seen several reported sightings similar to Lubbock Lights incident, where witnesses described V-shaped craft with lights and what might have been Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite chain.

New York

UFOs may have become less suspicious among their former critics due to some high-profile cases; yet many people still enjoy gazing up into the night sky – especially in New York.

UFO sightings nearly doubled in 2020 due to alien attraction or our shared suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, but here are some notable encounters across Oregon and Washington state.


UFO enthusiasts and scientists are abuzz over a new report scheduled to be issued this month by national intelligence officials, prompting many people to discuss them further.

Pennsylvania has long been known to experience UFO sightings, with reports dating all the way back to 1947 of strange phenomena being witnessed there.

One infamous case, as reported in declassified Project Blue Book files, involved military pilots witnessing objects flying at high speed near Olmsted Air Force Base in 1952. Another report involved a bright fireball which caused sonic booms across Michigan and western Pennsylvania before later being identified as an actual meteorite.


Recently, a truck driver posted footage showing what appeared to be something chilling along an Arizona highway and which has generated much discussion around alien life.

New Mexico may come to mind first when people think of UFOs, yet it doesn’t make the list. Although Roswell was home to an alleged UFO crash site in 1974, New Mexico doesn’t make the cut as being among those places which can possibly house UFOs.

California leads in UFO sightings, followed by Florida, Washington, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. Other states may experience alien sightings too, though.


Back in 1994, numerous 911 dispatch calls from eastern shore of Lake Michigan reported circular and cylindrical objects with red, green and white lights moving slowly through the night sky, seemingly disappearing as fast as they came.

UFOs (Useless Flying Objects) have long been reported by people across different states. California tops this list with the highest sighting count followed by Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona Ohio and Illinois.


In 1966, Portage County police officers encountered an unusual object which illuminated the ground and made noises that they heard as it flew across Pennsylvania into Pennsylvania and disappeared into space. Although they witnessed what occurred, they kept quiet about this event.

Bryan Simpson, President of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society, noted that due to their rapid movement, lights could not have been captured with drone technology; however, he cautioned that fake videos of UFOs may easily be produced.

Ohio witnessed an upsurge of UFO sightings during Israel’s 1973 conflict, many attributed to military aircraft.


At one point in central Illinois’s history, an incredible series of unexplained spacecraft sightings filled the region with mystery. Of particular note was an encounter during spring patrol in several small towns where police maintained radio contact between each other to keep an eye out for any craft flying overhead.

Pennsylvania currently ranks sixth on the list of states where UFO sightings are most prevalent, trailing only California by one spot. Take a look below at this comprehensive list; it might just surprise you!


Think back to The X-Files, and UFO sightings might bring to mind images of alien spaceships or mysterious lights in the night sky, but in reality most UFO reports are less dramatic; often cloud formations or planets are mistaken as alien craft.

According to Mutual UFO Network and National UFO Reporting Center reports, Maine reported 71 UFO sightings last year – down from an all-time high of 98 reports made in 2021 – but experts argue that official sighting numbers don’t tell the full picture.

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